Biennial & Financial Reports

Biennial & Financial Reports

Welcome to Bring Me A Book Hong Kong’s Report section. Strong governance and financial transparency are critical for NGOs to win the trust of their donors. We are pleased to share our past and present biennial and financial reports here to download, digest and enjoy at your leisure.  

If you would like to connect and collaborate with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Biennal Financial Reports

Biennial Reports

Biennial Report 2020-2022
Biennial Report 2018-2020
Biennial Report 2016-2018
Biennial Report 2014-2016
Biennial Report 2012-2014
Biennial Report 2010-2012
Biennial Report 2008-2010
PDF, 18.2MB
Biennial Report 2006-2008
PDF, 18.2MB

Financial Reports

Financial Report 2021-2022

PDF, 634KB

Financial Report 2020-2021

PDF, 640KB

Financial Report 2019-2020

PDF, 861KB

Financial Report 2018-2019

PDF, 619KB

Financial Report 2017-2018

PDF, 568KB

Financial Report 2016-2017

PDF, 683KB

Financial Report 2015-2016

PDF, 489KB

Financial Report 2014-2015

PDF, 5.3MB

Financial Report 2013-2014

PDF, 6.3MB

Financial Report 2012-2013

PDF, 6.2MB

Financial Report 2011-2012

PDF, 7.9MB

Financial Report 2010-2011

PDF, 454KB

Financial Report 2009-2010

PDF, 56.2KB