How & What To Read

How & What To Read

As the leading advocate for family literacy and reading aloud in Hong Kong, we are often asked by parents and educators, “What are the best books to read to my children?” and “What are the best ways to read with my children?”
Reading Tips for Parents

First rule: don’t stress! Reading aloud should be a fun experience, for both the reader and the listener! It’s a very precious time where we can put our devices away, cuddle up with our children and bond over books. Our expert literacy specialists are on hand to share reading tips and answer common questions and concerns we hear from parents.

Find Me A Book

Find Me a Book is the world’s first ever bilingual search engine for English and Chinese children’s books! Our hope and aim are for these thoughtfully selected books to be used as tools to open meaningful conversations with children on important topics, such as diversity and environmentalism as well as on critical developmental areas such as empathy, confidence, resilience, and special needs.

“Find Me a Book” search engine is definitely a great tool for parents and educators to search children’s books! All books are thoughtfully selected and tagged with various themes by specialists, so parents can easily search titles according to their kids’ age, interest, and needs.”

Choi EE
Experienced Family Literacy Advocate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we are a registered charity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance [IR File Number 91/8143].

Bring Me a Book Foundation, headquartered in U.S., has a wealth of resources on their website, as do other literacy non-profit organizations, including UK-based Book Trust and US-based Reach Out and Read.

We are always looking for new corporate partnerships to support our work. Please check our Corporate Partnership page for details.

Since 2008, we have accumulated a comprehensive list of the best English and Chinese children’s books which is regularly updated by a team of over 40 literacy specialists, librarians and consultants.

No, the main reason is because we customize our libraries and select books to match the needs of our target groups, depending on age, language preferences and interests of the kids. As such, these books become absolute treasures for our beneficiaries – the best quality books bring the most enjoyment of reading in their lives!
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