Book Bag Library

Book Bag Library

The Book Bag Library is a lending library that is easy to install and maintain. Through this program, families have easy access to a wide selection of the highest quality hardcover children’s books to enhance reading skills and language acquisition.

Our Libraries in Hong Kong

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About the Book Bag Library
Book Bag Library
What is included:
  • 220 hardcover books
  • 5-shelf library
  • 65 canvas bags with organization / company logo
  • Library database customized for school/center with list of books
  • Library check in/out system
Technical specifications

Dimensions: 71-3/4″ H x 44″ W x 15-3/4″ D 5-shelf bookcase

How it works
  1. Select a book bag
  2. Check out book bag on customized database
  3. Take home book bag
  4. Share books with the family
  5. Create a daily ritual
Benefits of the Book Bag Library
School Readiness

Providing resources for parents to develop their children’s literacy skills which will impact future performance in school.

Family Values

Encouraging a fun, daily ritual of parents reading to their children – a tradition that can be passed on to future generations.

Family Literacy

Creating awareness of the long-lasting value of learning and literacy when parents and childcare providers read to young children from infancy.

Employee Engagement & Family Friendly Workplace

Setting up a Book Bag Library in workplaces helps create a supportive work-family culture while also providing an employee-benefit to staff as a recognition of the important role they play in the company’s success.

How to Apply
Eligibility for Application

Non-profit making organizations, education bodies and social service organizations registered under the laws of Hong Kong are eligible to apply.

The Number of Applications

Library donation will only be made to a location/ site once. If the applicants would like to apply for our library programs installed at its subsidiary sites, individual submission of application for each site is needed.

Selection Criteria
  1. The applicant’s service delivery boundary is within Hong Kong.
  2. The applicant should clearly understand the missions and expectations of BMABHK and have the passion to ignite reading aloud to children.
  3. The applicant committed itself to fulfilling the agreement terms.

This Agreement shall come into force on the date of library installation and shall continue in force for a period of three years. The beneficiary organization can keep the library continuously after the completion of the agreement.

We are so grateful to BMABHK, not only for giving us a library full of beautiful books, but also for the training to equip our volunteers to be official “story tellers”. Our children love it when our volunteers read stories to them, and despite their young age or special needs, they always ask for “more”!

Alia Eyres
CEO, Mother’s Choice

*Photo from Mother’s Choice Reading Corner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding donors to finance Book Bag libraries is an ongoing process. We are constantly working to find individual donors, foundations and corporations to fund our programs. Submitting your application is just the first step in letting us know that you’re interested. We’ll let you know when we match your site with a donor.

It would be great if you have funding or donor to support a Library for your site. This will definitely speed up the Library installation process. Partial support is welcome too.

All our books are quality, hardback children books in English and Chinese. We take the utmost pride and care in selecting books for each site. We have a dedicated team of specialists to help customize the booklist for each Library, keeping in mind the age range, language preferences, reading levels and special needs of the children at the site. You usually cannot choose the books yourselves.

Two staff per recipient organization will be required to join our “Train-the-Trainer” workshop to deliver “First Teachers Training” in the community. Those who complete the whole training will be qualified as a “First Teachers Trainer” by BMABHK.

You will receive the training materials and gifts for parents from BMABHK when conducting the “First Teachers Training”.

You will be given the priority to join the mass programs and publicity events of BMABHK and be eligible to apply for our voluntary service on reading-aloud to children.

For full list, please refer to Guidelines to Applicants for Book Bag Library.

No, the main reason is because we customize our libraries and select books to match the needs of our target groups, depending on age, language preferences and interests of the kids. As such, these books become absolute treasures for our beneficiaries – the best quality books bring the most enjoyment of reading in their lives!

For those looking for second-hand books donation options, please try:

Spread the Love of Reading, Encourage a Love of Learning