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Seasonal notes of wild flowers in wilderness

Choi EE

Happy PaMa (2018-2-20) By :菜姨姨(書伴我行(香港)基金會社區閱讀發展總監) 讀樂樂:書中漫遊台灣山野 譜四季植物密碼

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The Standard Goodies: Fears and dreams


5th Feb 2018 In Rosie Revere, Engineer, Rosie dreams of becoming a great inventor. When her great-great-aunt Rose comes for a visit and mentions her one unfinished goal – to fly – Rosie sets to work building a contraption to make her aunt’s dream come true…

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The Standard Goodies: Our true thoughts

Nora the Mind Reader

29th Jan 2018 When her mother gives her a magic wand to read people’s minds,a new and fascinating world opens for Nora. She discovers that…

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Respecting the Natural Environment

Choi EE

Happy PaMa (2018-1-16) By :菜姨姨(書伴我行(香港)基金會社區閱讀發展總監) 食物亂棄破壞生態 人雀平等尊重自然

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The Standard Goodies: Live in the moment

The Three Questions

22th Jan 2018 IN The Three Questions, Nikolai knows that he wants to be the best person he can be, but often he is unsure if he is doing the right thing…

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The Standard Goodies: Valuing yourself and others


15th Jan 2018 ZERO is a follow-up to the book One by the same author. Zero feels empty inside and has a hole right through her centre…

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Smart Parents (2017-12-28) By :陳東紅 原文

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The Standard Goodies: Appreciating differences


FREDERICK is lost in his dreams while his family gather nuts and seeds in preparation for winter. What they do not know is…

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The Standard Goodies: Caring for our world


18th Dec 2017 WHERE the Forest Meets the Sea is set in Australia’s Daintree rainforest. A father takes his son there one day…

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The Standard Goodies: Friends real and imaginary


11th Dec 2017 THE Adventures of Beekle details an imaginary friend’s quest to find his real friend. Just as he resigns himself to a life of loneliness…

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