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The Standard Goodies: The great outdoors

on a magical do nothing day

11th June 2018 IT is another wet, boring day and the mother tells her child off for playing computer games all day. The child skulks off into the woods…

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The Standard Goodies: The hidden ships

Dazzle Ship

28th May 2018 DESPERATE to protect ships from German torpedoes, British commander Norman Wilkinson propose what became known as a dazzle. These stunning patterns were meant to confuse the enemy about a ship’s speed and direction…

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The Standard Goodies: Don’t worry, be happy

Wemberly Worried

21st May 2018 THE young mouse Wemberly worries constantly despite her family telling her not to. Her biggest worry is her first day of school. When she arrives…

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The Standard Goodies: Healing music


14th May 2018 WHEN a young boy begins to play on his family’s piano, just plunking the keys, his father signs him up for lessons. Raj learns notes then songs and finally classical pieces. But…

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The Standard Goodies: Honesty is the best policy

The empty pot

7th May 2018 PING is the subject of a Chinese emperor who is exceptionally gifted at growing things. When it is time for the old king to choose his successor, he tests the children…

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The Standard Goodies: Trusting others to work together

Stone Soup

25th Apr 2018 STONE Soup, set in rural China, follows three monks who take a journey into the mountains to try to understand what makes one happy. They pass through a war-torn village…

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The Standard Goodies: Fortune favours the brave


30th Apr 2018 From the award-winning creators of What Do You Do With An Idea? This story is about a child who is unsure what to make of a chance encounter. After not taking some initial chances, the child sees that…

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The Standard Goodies: Appreciating silence

The Sound of Silence

16th Apr 2018 IN The Sound of Silence, which is set in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Yoshio asks a musician, “Do you have a favourite sound?” She replies, “The most beautiful sound is the sound of ma, of silence.”

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