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David Wiesner says about wordless books


The Standard, Smart Parents – Vol. 388 By :陳東紅 (Only available in Traditional Chinese)

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Diane Frankenstein’s 3 steps for Conversational Reading


The Standard, Smart Parents – Vol. 361 By :陳東紅 Diane Frankenstein emphasizes three important points about reading aloud: 1) Read a book How to motivate your kids to read? Reading aloud is like a game: parents are your child’s partner to play in this game. We should not use storytelling time at home for teaching vocabulary […]

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One for the books: entrepreneur wants every Hong Kong child to know the joy of reading


James Chen Yue Jia wants to get youngsters reading for fun through his Bring Me a Book foundation, but he laments a lack of quality material and says the city’s busy parents must set a good example South China Morning Post – Saturday, 17 December, 2016 By :Jessie Lau When philanthropist and entrepreneur James Chen […]

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Make reading a joy not a chore, Hong Kong parents and teachers urged


South China Morning Post – Saturday, 28 May, 2016 By : Raquel Carvalho A charity has urged parents and teachers to change their mentality and encourage children to read books for pleasure rather than just to achieve higher grades. Jacqueline Sun, a board member of Bring Me a Book, said: “I think Hong Kong parents […]

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Bring Me A Book’s 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner


Bring Me A BookTM Hong Kong (BMABHK), the leading advocate of family literacy and authority in children’s book selection in Hong Kong, proudly presented the “Our Giving Tree” Gala Dinner on May 20, 2016. For furthers details, please refer to its website and press release to have more information.   Eastweek / P.4-5 / 25 May, 2016 […]

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Between The Lines: Is there a right way to deal with a sleepless child who wants to share mum’s bed?


The domestic helper who looked after my younger daughter for the past four years left our home six months ago. My daughter appears to be adjusting well because, rather than hire another helper, I have personally stepped in to fill the void. I know that she is thrilled to have so much of my time […]

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Reading for pleasure can help students deal better with pressure


  After a trailblazing week in HK, Diane Frankenstein summarizes succinctly why reading together matters so much.     South China Morning Post – Wednesday, 16 March, 2016 By Diane Frankenstein, San Francisco, US My work in strategic literacy has brought me to work in Hong Kong and China since 1998. I was dismayed to […]

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Between The Lines: Why a good tutor improves a child’s mindset, not their grades


  Until recentlyI equated tutoring with cheating or laziness. I reasoned that if I was paying for my children to attend great schools, they should be able to do the work and should turn to the teacher for help if they encountered any difficulty. An outside tutor was a lazy indulgence of the well-heeled and […]

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Between The Lines: How young children learn to enjoy reading


I was quick to stock our bookshelf at home with Frog and Toad, Ling and Ting, Mouse and Mole and other great character pairings in early chapter books, ready for when the children start to read independently. Yet for all of her first year in primary school, my daughter preferred to have me read aloud […]

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Between The Lines: How to cut through the chatter and cultivate your child’s most important qualities


Have you ever heard a parenting expert say push your kids to breaking point, sign them up for multiple extracurricular activities, make them take all honours classes, allow technology in their bedrooms to keep in touch with friends all night, eating on the run is fine, and free time is a waste? Neither have I. […]

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