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Feb – Mar 2021: Interactive Storytelling with Author

Flyer_storytelling on social media

BMABHK is pleased to partner with Hong Kong Public Libraries to offer free sessions of “Interactive storytelling with Authors” for children. 書伴我行(香港)基金會很高興與香港公共圖書館合作,為小朋友舉辦以下免費的「作家與你線上說故事」活動,讓作家在網上分享他們的作品。   第一節 日期 Date: 19.2.2021 (五 Fri) 時間 Time: 17:00 – 18:00 作家 Author: 張韻珊 Shana Cheung 形式 Format: Zoom 語言 Language: 粵語 Cantonese 對象 Target: 5 -8歲小朋友 Children aged 5 -8 years old 名額 […]

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2 Feb 2021: ‘Transforming Your Classroom into a Reading Playground: Cultivate Reading Lovers by Creating Joyful Reading Experience’ Webinar

Prof Dev workshop for teachers with Eric Litwin & Dr. Gina Pepin (1)

Webinar on ‘Transform Classroom into Reading Playground : Cultivate Reading Lovers by Creating Joyful Reading Experience’ has been concluded  successfully. Thank you for joining! Renowned authors Eric Litwin and Gina Pepin shared with 100+ teachers on how to transform classroom into a ‘reading playground’ with suitable teaching activities, empowering students to experience the joy of reading. […]

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“How To Be A Hero” interactive video!

How2beaHero_poster_without logos

本會與Creative Divergence合作,創作了一段名為「How To Be A Hero」的互動劇場影片, 家長及小朋友可以在劇情中選擇主角的命運,以增加互動性。 劇情內容幽默有趣, 並設有中文及英文對白,適合親子觀看。小朋友看完影片後更可參與「英雄家庭」創作比賽,有機會取得免費圖書。 How to be a Hero is a unique and exciting new interactive online video where YOU get to make the choices. Are you ready to meet some hilarious characters and have some fun experiences along the way? Maximize your screen, turn your sound up and get ready for […]

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4 Dec 2020: Bring Me An Author – Live Virtual Storytelling by Wendy Wan

Bring Me An Author_温柏萱

在十二月份,本會將邀請香港本地作家温柏萱,在網上與小朋友分享她的作品及繪本背後的故事。活動費用全免,適合6至8歲的小朋友參加 。 此網上講座會以廣東話進行。名額有限,萬勿錯過! Our coming virtual author talk in December will be with Hong Kong children’s book author, Ms Wendy Wan. She will read aloud her books and share her writing journey. Limited slots available, Don’t miss out! 日期 Date:  2020年12月4日 (星期五)   4th December, 2020 (Friday) 時間 Time:  5:00 – 6:00p.m. 模式 Format:  Zoom 語言 Language:  廣東話 Cantonese […]

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14 Nov 2020: Bring Me An Author – Live Virtual Storytelling by Eric Litwin

Flyer_Online Storytelling by Eric Litwin_for public

We are delighted to invite you to enjoy a live virtual performance with #1 New York Times Best Selling original author of the Pete the Cat series, Eric Litwin. He will read aloud his joyful stories and share how the characters stay positive, loving, and resilient even as things get tough.  本會很高興邀請到暢銷繪本”Pete The Cat“系列作家Eric Litwin 在網上與大家會面及表演。在故事環節中,Eric […]

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Oct – Nov 2020: Free talk and Storytelling workshops for Hong Kong Public Library Festival

HKPL Festival_2020

BMABHK is pleased to collaborate with the HK Public Libraries for their Hong Kong Library Festival 2020 to offer the following free talk and storytelling workshops for families: 為響應香港圖書館節2020,書伴我行(香港)基金會將與香港公共圖書館合作,為家長和小朋友舉辦以下免費的講座和故事工作坊︰

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23 Oct 2020: Bring Me An Author – Live Virtual Storytelling by Liu Hsu Kung

Meet the Author_Virtual_Liu Hsu Kung

BMABHK will be arranging virtual “Bring Me An Author” visits on Oct 23 (Friday). Our THIRD virtual author talk will be with Mr. Liu Hsu Kung, an award winning author from Taiwan. He will read his stories and share the inspiration behind his work.  Free admission and Limited slots available. 「與作家會面」網上講座第三彈! 在十月份登場的是載譽歸來、台灣得獎人氣作家劉旭恭老師!小書友可以透過Zoom聽劉旭恭老師朗讀他的作品及分享寫故事的方法。活動費用全免,適合6至8歲的小朋友參加 。 此網上講座會以國語話進行。名額有限,萬勿錯過! Registration 詳情及報名: (費用全免,名額有限,先到先得。)

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Live Virtual Storytelling Sessions by Christina Matula

Flyer_storytelling on social media

Do your children know why we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival or the Chinese folk tale behind it? We are thrilled to offer LIVE, VIRTUAL storytelling sessions with the award-winning children’s author of “The Shadow of the Moon”. Perfect for primary schools and organizations looking for something cultural and meaningful to engage their students and families while […]

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Join our BMABHK Ambassador Program!


13 year old Christian Yeung – who was stuck at home with not much to do during these challenging times – decided to turn his passion into something meaningful. So he organized his own “Tian Tian Cooks” project to raise funds for Bring Me A Book Hong Kong.  十三歲的Christian Yeung雖然因疫情的影響下長留家中,但他卻決定利用此閒暇時間,建立了一個”天天Cooks”的籌款項目,透過自己擅長又喜歡的活動,為書伴我行(香港)基金會募集善款,讓暑假變得更有意義!       Christian’s project has […]

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12 July 2020: Bring Me An Author – Live Virtual Storytelling by Kate Messner

Flyer_Kate Messner_for website post

BMABHK will be arranging virtual “Bring Me An Author” visits, starting on Sunday, July 12th. Our first virtual author talk will be with Kate Messner, award-winning author of science themed books. Limited slots available. 在疫情影響下,本會將採用網上直播的形式舉辦「與作家會面」活動,讓不同的作家繼續與小朋友會面。 在7月12日(星期日),得獎圖畫書作家Kate Messner 率先會於網上與小讀者見面和朗讀故事,歡迎報名參加! (費用全免,名額有限,先到先得。) Registration 詳情及報名:  

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