3 Mar 2022: Launch of BMABHK’s new website!

Thank you for visiting our new website! Whether you are a parent, school, donor or volunteer, we hope you find it helpful and more user-friendly.

27 Feb 2022: #Hashtag Hong Kong x Bring Me A Book Hong Kong

To celebrate World Book Day on 3 March 2022 our Executive Director, Pia Wong talks to RTHK Radio 3. and shares more information on why is so important to read aloud.

Tune in: Sun, 27 February 2022 at 8.15am: #Hashtag Hong Kong

Dec 2021: Festive Reading Fun

We need YOUR help this Christmas to provide books to families in need. Join our growing community of Bring Me A Book Ambassadors to spread the joy of reading! 

25 November 2021: Burberry x Marcus Rashford x BMABHK

We are ecstatic to have the support of Burberry and renowned footballer and best-selling children’s author, Marcus Rashford to help the next generation explore their dreams and unlock the power of imagination through access to literacy.

Raising Bilingual Readers

Bilingual speakers are present all over the world, in every social class and in all age groups. Being bilingual has the obvious advantage of being able to communicate with more people.

Raising Life-Long Readers…and Learners

It seems that too many students miss out on making reading a pleasure because of the overwhelming demands that arise from extra-curricular activities and homework, it allows little or no time for reading books aloud for the sake of fun. Reading experts tell us that when children enjoy reading, they are more likely to do… Continue reading Raising Life-Long Readers…and Learners

Raising Fluent Readers

As we read, our eyes scan across each page from left to right, and at the end of each line, our eyes glance back to the left to begin the next line. Reading fluency is the ability to read phrases and sentences smoothly and quickly from left to right, while understanding the complete ideas of the text.

Taking a Stand Against “Electronic Parenting”

Recently I have observed a disturbing trend of “electronic parenting” amongst adults with young children. If you eat out during the weekends, you will find many parents using smart phones, gadgets or other electronic media to ‘mind’ their kids while the adults are eating or talking amongst themselves.

Summertime – a great reason to read more with your children!

Your child’s long Summer holiday is just around the corner. As parents, we have to think about planning summer activities for our children. A study from Alexander et al. (2007) concluded that students from both better-off and disadvantaged backgrounds made similar achievements during the school year.

A Wonderful Kick-off in 2012

  On a cold winter’s day, cloudy and misty on the second week of January, I arrived at Sheung Shui train station in an endeavor to find my way to a school seleced by Bring Me A Book as the recipient fo the first Community Training Program in 2012. I had been advised that the school was located opposite… Continue reading A Wonderful Kick-off in 2012