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The First Teachers™ Training Program

We empower parents and childcare providers to read aloud with children through our First Teachers™ Training and Community Training.

These four-hour training sessions provide participants with more effective ways to read with children and select the right books to improve the child’s interest, motivation, and confidence to read, for future success in school and life

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First Teachers™ Training
The First Teachers™ Training Program enhances our library programs by engaging and educating parents, childcare providers and teachers on the critical importance of reading aloud to children. This practical training program teaches easy read aloud strategies to implement at home.


In addition to offering our First Teachers™ Training Workshops at library locations, we also partner with community centres and other locations throughout Hong Kong to offer these free workshops to parents and childcare providers.

The main goals of the workshops are to educate participants on the importance of reading aloud to children, and to motivate these adults to institute  a daily ritual of reading aloud. Ultimately, we hope empower parents to become more involved in their child’s education.


Reading Expert Julie Fowlkes conducting a special First Teachers™ Training Workshop in Hong Kong