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Why Bring Me A Book™ Hong Kong?

Mark WillamsMark Williams, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Oxford University, United Kingdom

“Bring Me a Book™ encourages people to find a bit of time each day to read to their children, guiding them to become more thoughtful and empathetic. The provision of quality books is also the provision of quality time.”

Christine YauChristine Yau, Mother

Participant of “First Teachers™ Training”

“Before the training, I read with my daughter for learning and she was so reluctant to read books. After applying what I had learnt in the ‘First Teachers™ Training’, she started to pick up the book and read.”

Edith ChengEdith Cheng, Social Work Assistant

Jockey Club Fu Shin Lutheran Integrated Service Centre (Community Partner)

“I am well-equipped and more confident in leading BMABHK’s “First Teachers™ Training” after attending their “Train the Trainer” workshop. Thanks to the experienced trainer’s expertise and feedback from the participants, I am encouraged to do better.”

Mother's ChoiceAlia Eyres, CEO Mother’s Choice

“We are so grateful to BMABHK, not only for giving us a library full of beautiful books, but also for the training to equip our volunteers to be official “story tellers”. Our children love it when our volunteers read stories to them, and despite their young age or special needs, they always ask for “more”! Thank you so much for this amazing gift of teaching our children the love of reading.”

AliceAlice Choi, Mother and participant of our First Teachers™ Training

Thank you for your generous sharing and teachings on how to effectively read aloud to children. I have learned so much and become a lot more enthusiastic having attended your class. By sharing with you and other mothers, I feel empowered and positive.”

Ms LeeMs Lee, Principal

Shun Tin Rhenish Nursery (Community Partner)

“The Library Program of Bring Me A Book™ Hong Kong is wonderful! The books in the library are carefully selected and are very good quality! People who visit our kindergarten really appreciate what we are doing to promote reading.”

Ms Emily Chan, Mother of 4 and 6-year-olds and participant of BMABHK’s “Book Camp”

“Talking about what matters is a life-long habit. I won’t stop reading to my kids even after they’ve become independent readers, it’s fun and rewarding to read chapter books together too!”

Suzanne Chu Consultant, Asian Charity Services

Thanks for all your hard work and effort with BMAB! It’s amazing what you are able to do what with such little money and time and it’s great that you are doing something to improve culture in Hong Kong.”

Jonathon Collins, Father of a 6-year-old and participant of BMABHK’s “Book Camp”

“I want to change my parenting style and focus on the conversations with my child through books. I found myself learning something, interested in learning and listening and this is something I have struggled to do for a number of years now. So thank you”

image1Philo Alto, Father of a three-year-old, Founder of Asia Value Advisors and Family Member of BMABHK

“I have known about BMAB’s great work for a number of years now and have been impressed with its growing social impact in the Hong Kong community over time. As parents to a three-year old boy, my wife and I appreciate BMAB’s well-curated Chinese and English books and its friendly staff offering customized suggestions on age-suitable books that we enjoy reading together!”