Letter from Board Chair and Executive Director

Dear Bring Me A Book Community,

We cannot thank each of you enough for being a part of the Bring Me A Book mission. Your contribution and investment in Bring Me A Book makes all the difference, whether you are a teacher, parent, education advocate, volunteer, business leader or philanthropist.

The opportunity to read calming and fun books together has provided a huge respite for so many families by helping to reduce anxiety and forge a closer bond, particularly during times of increased stress and uncertainty. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading for as little as six minutes a day can reduce heart rate and stress levels by more than 60%.

A special thank you to Bank of America and to all our donors who were willing to be flexible with their funding requirements and allow us to innovatively provide support to our beneficiaries that was practical and immediate, including:

  • Creation of a curated “Covid-19 Online Resource Toolbox” for parents and caregivers; free to download from our website with over 80,000 downloads in March alone
  • Launch of our celebrity, author, and mystery reader online storytelling series on social media in February 2020, with over 35,000 viewers to date
  • Distribution of hundreds of book packs to needy families through collaboration with our beneficiary partners

With such an uncertain future ahead, your support - as volunteers and donors – is more critical than ever to ensure we can continue our momentum and deepen our impact to spread the love of reading in Hong Kong.


Our Vision and Mission

Bring Me A Book Hong Kong (BMABHK), a registered non- profit organization, was set up in Hong Kong in 2006, seeded by the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation. We envision a Hong Kong in which every child is read to, strengthening family and community bonds, and creating a love of learning.

Our Mission: BMABHK uses evidence-based research to provide:

  • Transformational trainings for parents and educators
  • The best Chinese and English children’s books
  • Quality programs to access authors and literacy experts

To enrich the lives of ALL in the Hong Kong community.

We reach out to underserved children and families in Hong Kong by providing Book Bag Libraries, Bookcases, access to authors, and training programs as public resources in nurseries, kindergartens, schools, community centres, shelters, health clinics and in the workplace.



James Chen

Su Lee

OUR BOARD 2018-2020

Alison Chan


Annie Ho Ting

(retired in Mar 2020)

Christina Matula-Hakli

Jacqueline Sun

(retired in May 2019)

Jennifer Chen

Michelle Bang

Phyllis Leung

(retired in Jun 2020)

Amanda Wong

(since Jun 2020)

Irene Chu

(since Jun 2020)

Rachel Ip

(since Jun 2020)


Pia Wong

Executive Director

Angela Leung

Program Director

Doris Chan

Program Manager

Iris Lau

Assistant Program Manager

Yvonne Leung

Assistant Program Manager

Corey Chan



Angie Lin

Julie Fowlkes

Pauline Young

Percie Wong

Yoyo Yau


We are extremely grateful to the 2,570 volunteers who have been instrumental in helping BMABHK scale our programs to deepen our impact in the community. From skilled volunteers - including legal advisors, copywriters, book wrappers, translators, storytellers, librarians and administrators - to our young BMAB Ambassadors, we could not have done it without your support!

Special thanks to 400+ volunteers from Bank of America who have participated in 30 reading sessions for 1700 beneficiary children in two years! We would also like to extend our deep appreciation to all the volunteers from other corporate partners including Accenture, Barclays, BlackRock, Carter's Global Sourcing Limited, Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Ltd, Des Voeux Services Limited, Electronic Theatre Controls Asia Limited, Elephant Community Press Ltd., HK Ladies Tennis League, Hong Kong Academy,, Hyatt International - Asia Pacific Limited, Macquarie Group Foundation, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, MetLife Foundation, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (HK) Holdings Limited (MUFG), Morgan Stanley, National Australia Bank Limited, PAG Consulting Limited, Schroders, Stephenson Harwood, Target, and Wells Fargo Bank National Association.

Thank You for Making a Difference.



Since the formation of BMABHK in 2006, we have invested more than $52 million into our programs to help over 180,000 underprivileged children by creating 460 libraries, hosting 134 author visits and delivering 1,700 training sessions.

From 2018-2020, we supported 20,000+ children from low-income families and trained more than 4,000 parents, teachers and social workers. We are also fortunate that our new recommended booklists, in English and Chinese, were released in 2019 and early 2020 - before school closures, so that our free resources could be shared widely with local families looking for good books to read at home.

BMABHK has six pillars to promote reading:

Bring Me a Book
Bring Me a Training
Bring Me an Author
Bring Me a Book Guide
Thought Leadership
Early Childhood

Bring Me a Book Foundation in the US and Hong Kong were thrilled to be recognized for our work by the Library of Congress in 2019.



Bring me a book

The Library Program

The Book Bag Library Program is a lending library of quality hardcover children’s English and Chinese language books in easily transportable book bags. Each library contains a total of 220 books for children from infancy to age eleven, in 65 book bags.

The flagship within our Library program is the Bookcase, each of which holds 45 quality, age-appropriate English and Chinese language picture books for children in a beautiful wood display shelf.

From 2018-2020, we installed a total of 7 Book Bag Libraries and 34 Bookcases in the community.

Total No. of Libraries Installed (Accumulated)


Libraries Installed,


Childern served


List of Book Bag Library Recipients in 2018-2020

List of Bookcases Recipients in 2018-2020


Bring me a Training

The First Teachers™ Training Program

BMABHK’s award-winning First Teachers™ Training Program enhances our library program by educating parents, social workers and teachers on the critical importance of reading aloud to children. This practical training program teaches easy read aloud strategies to instill a love of reading at home or in the classroom. The curriculum is interactive and uses “modelling the message” techniques to empower and educate parents with young children to become their child’s first (and best) teacher.

In the past two years, BMABHK’s experienced trainers have conducted 198 trainings for almost 3,000 parents, with 40 trainings were supported by Bank of America. The evaluations collected clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of our trainings. 95% of parents indicated that they knew how to cultivate their children's interest in reading versus 33% before the training. 97% of the parents said they would spend more time reading at home with their children and they would apply what they had learned in the training in their daily lives.

In addition to our local trainers, we invited US based strategic literacy expert Julie Fowlkes to Hong Kong to empower parents and teachers to use other storytelling techniques to help deepen children's reading comprehension, communication and critical thinking skills.

Total No. of Parents Trained (Accumulated)



of parents indicated that they would spend more time or increase the frequency of reading aloud to their children after attending our trainings.

Summary of Parent Surveys

Comparison between parents’ feedback before and after our trainings:

Before After Change
I know the read-aloud skills 34% 84% up50%
I am confident to read with my children 61% 89% up28%
I know how to overcome the challenges of reading aloud 32% 80% up48%
I know how to nurture my children to love reading 33% 95% up62%
I know how to select books for my children 44% 84% up40%

Feedback from parents after our trainings:

I will spend more time to read with my children 97%
I will apply what I learned from the training to my daily life 97%
I will share the read-aloud importance to my friends 96%

Three months after our trainings:


94% of trained parents said reading with their children improved their parent-child relationship


93% of trained parents said reading with their children increased their children’s interest in reading


64% of trained parents read with their children three times or more per week


73% of trained parents spent at least 10 minutes to read with their children every time


43% of trained parents visited the public library three times or more per month

Total no. of surveys collected from parents in 2018 - 2020:

Pre-training: 2203/ Post-training: 1944 / 3 months after training: 991


Bring Me an Author

In-School Author and Speaker Program

We believe that meeting an author, illustrator, literacy expert or storyteller in real life and hearing them convey their passion for their work can fundamentally alter a child’s relationship to books and ignite a life-long love of reading. By bringing their stories to life, author visits often motivate previously reluctant readers to pick up a book while also inspiring educators to think about how to teach reading more creatively.

With special grants in the past two years from Bank of America, we have been able to reach hundreds of schools and serve 13,000 children through visits from the following award-winning authors and illustrators:

  • David Schwartz: Picture Book Author
  • Eric Litwin: Picture Book Author
  • Huang Li (黃麗): Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award Winning Illustrator
  • Jarvis: Picture Book Author and Illustrator
  • Lauren Child: Picture Book Author and Illustrator
  • Liu Hsu Kung (劉旭恭): Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award Winning Author and Illustrator
  • Matthew Gollub: Picture Book Author
  • Petr Horacek: Picture Book Author & Illustrator
  • Cheung Wan Shan (張韻珊): Picture Book Author and Illustrator

Bring Me a Book Guide

Best Books for Children in Chinese and English

Thoughtfully selected and regularly updated, our Chinese and English books guides are our most popular resource on our website with more than 250,000 downloads from “Good to Read”, another BMABHK resource for teachers on how to use storybooks in their classrooms, was distributed to 20,000 local primary schools in 2019. This practical study guide, co-written by our Executive Director Pia Wong and news columnist Catherine Chan, was published by The Standard Newspaper.

We are developing a user-friendly microsite to house our existing Chinese and English book guides, which will include search functionality and a more comprehensive list of filters to help parents and educators easily find books from our recommended list anytime and anywhere. The new BMABHK book guide microsite will be launched in early 2021 with new titles recommended by our book selection committee members, and book lists will be added to on a regular basis.


Thought Leadership

Strategic Partnerships and Professional Development

  • Education Bureau – Joyful Reading Carnival 2019

    BMABHK was honoured as one of the supporting organizations at the Joyful Reading Carnival organized by the Education Bureau on Mar 2, 2019. The Carnival synergized the efforts from relevant and professional organizations in designing a variety of reading-related activities with the aim to encourage parent-child reading and create a reading atmosphere. In addition to running a literacy-themed game booth, we also invited renowned author and storyteller Matthew Gollub to give a lively storytelling and musical performance to over 200 families at the carnival.

  • Hong Kong Public Libraries – Library Festival 2019

    In 2019, BMABHK partnered with the Hong Kong Public Libraries for their inaugural Hong Kong Library Festival and provided free talks and workshops for families and teachers. We invited award-winning authors Lauren Child and Petr Horacek to conduct meet-the-author talks for over 300 children and parents at the Hong Kong Central Library. Julie Fowlkes, our US based lead trainer, also conducted a series of workshops for over 200 parents and teachers to equip them with more practical read-aloud skills.

  • Hong Kong Education City – Professional Development

    BMABHK started our partnership with the Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) in 2019 to provide professional development talks for primary and secondary teachers and librarians with an aim to empower them to engage and motivate students in reading more effectively.

    In 2019-2020, we organized three professional development talks with the topics included “Extensive Reading and Deeper Reading in Parallel: Strategies and Practices”, “Initiating Imagination and Interactions through Conversational Reading” and “Strategies and Practices: Stimulating Creativity through Extensive and Deeper Reading” for over 500 teachers and librarians.

  • Consulate General of Sweden Hong Kong: Swedish Winter 2019

    BMABHK was thrilled to be selected as the charity partner for the Swedish Winter 2019. We participated in their Christmas family event at the Cultural Centre Piazza in Tsim Sha Tsui in December 2019 by providing volunteer support and storytelling sessions at the reading corner. All the money raised was used to support a library that serves low-income families in Hong Kong.

Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award

Bring Me a Book Hong Kong works in close collaboration with our sister organization, Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award (FZK Award), to encourage the publication of original and high-quality Chinese children's picture books.

The FZK Award is highly regarded by children’s book publishers and authors, librarians, teachers, and parents. It is also celebrated by the international community as professionally run; providing a solid platform to bring encouragement, inspiration and opportunities to writers and illustrators to create and share their quality work widely.

The Sixth Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award Ceremony and the Seventh Chinese Picture Book Forum

The Sixth Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award Ceremony and the Seventh Chinese Picture Book Forum was held from 25th to 27th October, 2019 in Fengxian, Shanghai. Both events were supported by the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau and the Shanghai Fengxian District Government.

At the FZK Award ceremony, five winning books were selected from an impressive 361 eligible entries of original Chinese children’s picture books published between 2017 and 2018. Since the establishment of the FZK Award in 2008, 37 distinctive picture books from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been honoured.

In 2018, the FZK Award Committee set out to scale their outreach by encouraging more young readers to enjoy Chinese children’s picture books and having more authors and publishers create high quality content. Strategic partnerships included:

  • Within 100 primary schools, 20 reading clubs, 10 public libraries, and 1 art museum and across China, the FZK Award were able to organize many fun and interactive reading activities and illustration exhibitions for children to enjoy.
  • Exhibition at the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair from November 9th -11th, 2018. This was the first time the FZK Award participated in the most important trading platform for Chinese children’s picture books in Asia. a huge-scale, three-day book fair, attended by 30,000 people and 300 exhibitors. This provided exposure for FZK Award-winning books to local readers as well as to overseas publishers, through education seminars and sharing sessions with the authors.


Early Childhood

Hospital Project

Evidence shows that children who are read to, especially before school entry, not only experience stronger parent-child relationships but also demonstrate greater brain activity and development (as shown through MRI scans) and valuable language and literacy skills. This is why BMABHK works through hospitals, health clinics and new parents to ensure that our Hong Kong children experience family reading from birth, allowing them to have the best start in life.

BMABHK has been partnering with the Community & Patient Resource Department at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital since 2017. In the past two years, we have provided antenatal talks and free books for 730 expectant parents to encourage them to practice a daily reading routine from birth.

To broaden our network of young, new parents, we collaborated with the Department of Health (Family Health Service) and conducted a large-scale parent-child reading talk for 200 new parents in 2019 with very positive feedback. We will continue our collaboration with the Department of Health in 2020 to conduct more trainings and talks for the new parents.


Story Sharing


Zoe, Participant of First Teachers Training

Evangelical Lutheran Church Login Club for New Arrivals

Since joining BMABHK’s First Teachers Training in 2019, Zoe has, on a weekly basis, borrowed and read picture books from the Bring Me A Book “Book Bag Library” at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Login Club for New Arrivals (donated by The Arthur Samy Memorial Fund):

“Although there are some picture books available to borrow from my daughter’s school library, the collection is not as suitable, complete or as user-friendly as the book bag library. Every week, I read three to five picture books together with my daughter. Parent-child reading allows us to communicate more and has improved our relationship. I am pleasantly surprised to see changes in my daughter’s concentration habits - she is less distracted by devices and we have more opportunities to spend quality time together through reading books. I think parent-child reading makes my daughter happier, reduces the stress in her studies, and allows her to acquire new vocabulary.

I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Bring Me A Book Hong Kong and Miss Chan for organizing the First Teachers Training, which explained the importance of reading aloud and provided practical demonstrations on how to improve our storytelling skills. I used to only read out the text, word by word, but having completed the training, I have learnt how to present the contents of a book in a lively manner.

I hope that, through reading, my daughter will improve her logical thinking and become more curious and empathetic.

Recently (during the pandemic), my daughter had to attend classes via Zoom. This was very challenging because my daughter found it difficult to grasp the contents of the compressed online classes. I also faced increased pressure in urging my daughter to devote more time to her studies. Fortunately, the book bag library near my home was open, while the school and public libraries were closed, so we could continue to read quality books together. I have, and will continue to recommend this wonderful community resource to my parent friends.”

Angelina, Zoe’s 8-year-old daughter, said, “I love the picture books in the book bag library, and now my mom tells me stories in a far more interesting way than she did before. From the picture books, I have learnt the importance of sharing and being modest.”


Amy Chan, Social Worker

Evangelical Lutheran Church Login Club for New Arrivals

Ms Chan completed the “First Teachers Training – Train the Trainers Program” in 2018 and has hosted First Teachers Trainings in Kwai Chung, Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wan districts for grassroot parents and parents of children with special educational needs, with the objective of training parents on read-aloud skills.

Ms Chan smiled as she said, “As I don’t have children, I always thought it would be easy to read aloud to children and as a social worker, I have to pay close attention to each child’s individual mental condition and needs. After completing the ‘Train the Trainers’ program, I realize that reading aloud to children effectively and thoughtfully, involves a number of steps. Moreover, I discovered that picture books are an excellent way for social workers to enter the child’s “inner world”.

“I have conducted First Teacher Training sessions for parents in three districts in Hong Kong for grassroot families and I can immediately notice the changes in the parents’ attitudes towards reading with their kids. Some parents previously used ‘electronic pacifiers’ to help them take care of their children more easily. However, once they discover the huge benefits of parent-child reading and are equipped with the skills to overcome challenges they face regarding their child’s reading habits, they no longer rely on these digital devices to keep their child distracted. Many parents have told me that their children keep asking them to read more stories!”

I would like to thank Bring Me A Book Hong Kong and The Arthur Samy Memorial Fund for donating the Book Bag Library and providing training resources for The First Teachers Training Program.”


Ms Kwan, Teacher

Tsz Wan Shan St Bonaventure Catholic Primary School

In 2019, thanks to the assistance of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong (BMABHK), Bank of America generously donated a Book Bag Library to our school. I remember the library opening ceremony vividly as it took place on the same day as our “School-Based Reading Day”. It was wonderful to see such a dedicated team of volunteers from BMABHK and Bank of America carving out time from their busy schedules to visit our school and read stories to our students. Our students really treasured this invaluable opportunity, eagerly listening and thoroughly enjoying the books being read aloud.

The Chinese and English picture books in the book bags are all of high quality and are very appropriate for our students to tap into their interest and reading levels. As a teacher, whenever I see students carrying the book bags over their shoulder, with our school badge printed on the back, I feel deeply gratified because I know that more students are having access to these excellent reading materials.

After receiving training from BMABHK, our teachers have conducted the “First Teachers Training” workshops for three consecutive years at our school campus. About 120 parents have participated in these workshops and, now realize the importance and understand the benefits of parent-child reading.

I would also like to share our deep appreciation to BMABHK for inviting our school to participate in their “Bring Me an Author” program. In 2019, we were fortunate to have Czech author and illustrator Petr Horacek meet our students to share his experience, stories and give a live demonstration of his illustrations. The children were very excited to meet the author in person, and I believe, that the seed of becoming a young author has been planted in the children’s hearts and minds.

Thank you to BMABHK and Bank of America for their huge support to enhance the literacy levels and reading enjoyment among our students through their meaningful programs of book donations, training and author visits.


Miriam (age 16 years old)

joined Bring Me A Book Hong Kong in 2019 as student volunteer

“I grew up reading books, including those award-winning Feng Zikai Chinese children’s picture books, but I only became acquainted with Bring Me A Book Hong Kong two years ago. At that time, I went to the BMABHK office with my classmates to help volunteer my time through wrapping books, organizing book shelves and helping with data entry. I was also a volunteer storyteller, visiting many districts in Hong Kong to read books to children in need.

Each time I volunteer, I feel the benefits and joy that these picture books bring to children. Sometimes, when I open a book at the BMABHK office, I imagine the book finding its way to a child who will grow up and learn by reading it. Sometimes, when I read aloud to the children, I notice some lively ones taking a picture book from the bookshelf, flipping through its pages and hugging the book as if it is their favourite thing in the world! It moves me deeply that these books can bring so much inspiration, imagination and joy to the children.

BMABHK envisions a Hong Kong in which every child is read to, strengthening family and community bonds, and creating a love of learning. I am truly honoured to have the opportunity to be a volunteer with BMABHK, and I hope more friends will join this family of BMABHK volunteers, so that we can work together to bring quality picture books to children in Hong Kong.”


Christina Suen

joined our Family Membership program in 2018

I learnt about Bring Me A Book Hong Kong (BMABHK) through a friend. The first time I visited their office/ library, I was totally impressed by the collection of books and the knowledgeable yet friendly staff. The books there have been carefully selected, sorted by age, and include both popular series and hidden gems. As a family member, I can borrow four books each time, and every time it is challenge to decide which books to borrow because they are all so interesting. In the end, I have to rely on BMAB’s staff recommendations, which is invaluable because every time they are able to pick books that my children adore and read repeatedly. I am grateful that we joined BMABHK’s membership program, so we can access their library of well-curated books, and also for the opportunity for us to contribute to the meaningful programs supported by BMABHK.


Bring Me A Book Hong Kong Limited

Income Statement
For the Year Ended 30 April 2020

2020 2019
Revenue 4,403,197 3,261,108
Other income 17,246 1,358
TOTAL INCOME 4,420,443 3,262,466
General and administrative expenses (745,284) (807,085)
Fundraising event expenses (82,443) (281,187)
Program expenses (6,122,033) (5,016,542)
TOTAL EXPENSES (6,949,760) (6,104,814)
Deficit for the year (2,529,317) (2,842,348)

Statement Of Financial Position
At 30 April 2020

2020 2019
Property, Plant and Equipment 5,552 34,722
Inventories 679,222 706,713
Deposits paid 280,799 194,799
Prepayments 93,989 79,209
Other receivables 28,912 8,150
Cash and cash equivalent 6,076,171 8,380,258
7,159,093 9,369,129
Bank overdraft (385,383) -
Accruals and other payables (223,051) (314,323)
Deposits received (4,507) (4,507)
Receipts in advance - (4,000)
(612,941) (322,830)
NET CURRENT ASSETS 6,546,152 9,046,299
NET ASSETS 6,551,704 9,081,021
Accumulated funds 6,551,704 9,081,021

Supporters of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the following individuals and organizations for their donations and support in 2018-2020.

Individual Donors

Ada Kwan
Ada Pang
Adrian Darbishire
Alan Lam
Alexander Andrew
Amanda Wong
Andrew McCormick
Andrew Park Jaiyoung
Angela Lee Wai Sin
Angela Seng
Anita Lee Chan Cheuk Wai
Anne Situ
Anthony Houghton SC
Ariel Au
Belinda Chan
Belinda Wong Peng
Benevolence Fan
Benjamin Mok Ni-hung
Bill Maldonado
Cailin Broere
Carmen Nam
Carter Mensforth
Catherine Han
Catherine Lee
Charlotte Cheung
Charmaine Yip
Chelsea Chau
Chen Yiwen
Cheng Kwok Hung
Cheng Man Hee
Cherry Au Chung Ping
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Choi Jessica Vivian
Christina Suen
Christine Choi
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Christine Li
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Cindy Ng
Cindy Wong Siu Mun
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Clarence Lee
Colin Vaughan
Connie Wong
Daisy Chen Fan Li Jing
Damien Horth
Daniel Paterson
Davena Mok Chi Yung
Debby Fan
Deirdre Nhan
Donna Bembnister
Egil Larsson
Eileen Cheung
Eleanor Yeh
Ellen Fang Chi Shun
Eunice Wong
Evi Marmariuou
Farrah Bagaman
Fiona So
Fok Chung Sze
Fonnie Leung
Gary Ko Man Hon
Gaurav Grover
Gerald Ng Chi Fei
Germany Lao
Gloria Lau Mei Yee
Harjeet K Punjabi
Hilarie Lam
Ho Kok Siong
Jackie Ng
Jacqueline Law
James Hall and Kazuki Clark
Janefa Kwan Pui Yee
Janet Hung Yi Kui
Janet Tong
Janice Chow
Janice Tse
Jason Heung Sum Pan
Jean Ho
Jennifer Ma Chan
Jeremy Ip
Jessica Blomefield
Jessica Foo
Jillian Lee
Joanne Cheuk and Jose Cheng
Joanne Mok Pui Yan
John Scott SC, JP
Johnny Chio Kuan Heng
Jojo Fan
Joseph McCrossen
Joyce Lee
Joyce Leung
Joyce Tam
Judith Yu
Judy Tsui
Jukka Hakli
Julia Tsai
Julie Lim
Junmin Tang
Kara Wang Xin
Karen Law Ravat
Katharine Poundstone
Katherine Lee
Kathryn Pallett
Kathy Leung
Kelly Cooke
Kevan Cooper
Kim Sun Young
Kimberly Cheung
Kunal Kanodia
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Liang Xiao
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Lulu Yu
Mairead Rattigan
Man Wing Mei
Marcus Yip
Mariella Candela
Martin Siu
Martina Shaw
Maureen O'Neill
May Mok
Michael Liu
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Michelle Liang
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Mirko Scherer
Mukund Verma
Nancy Wu
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Peter Broegger
Peter Chan See Yuen
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Phyllis Leung
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Winnie Fung
Wong Wai Man
Wong Wing Yan
Yama Gaw
Yau Ming Li
Yeeling Wan Yee Ling
Yena Kim
Zhao MeiPing
Zhong Yiming
Zhou Mi
Zoe Chan

The Corporate Donors, Foundations and Organizations

Banjo Boys' Society
Bank of America
Barclays Bank
Carter's Global Sourcing Limited
Charitable Choice Ltd.
Chiu Tao
Chou's Foundation
City Facilities Management (HKG) Limited
Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Ltd
Des Voeux Services Limited
Eastrend Services Ltd.
Electronic Theatre Controls Asia Limited
Elephant Community Press Ltd.
HK Ladies Tennis League
Hong Kong Academy
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited
Hong Kong Gong
Hyatt International - Asia Pacific, Limited
L’ÉCOLE Asia Pacific
Macquarie Services (Hong Kong) Limited
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (HK) Holdings, Limited
Neich Tower Limited
Nord Anglia International School
PAG Consulting Limited
Peter Cheung Asia Limited
Simply Giving Pte. Ltd.
Sporthouse Limited
Stephenson Harwood
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
The Hotchkiss School
UK Online Giving Foundation
Van Cleef & Arpels – Richemont Asia Pacific Limited
Van Cleef & Arpels, L’ECOLE
Venture Studios (HK) Ltd
Victoria Shanghai Academy