Letter from Board Chair and Executive Director

Dear Friends,

After twelve tireless years advocating for family literacy to address the low levels of interest and motivation to read amongst children in Hong Kong, 2018 heralded an exciting milestone for Bring Me A Book Hong Kong: the Hong Kong SAR government acknowledged the problem and has pledged significant financial support to “promote reading for pleasure among children and families”.

While we are excited about this commitment and endorsement from the government, the question that now arises is: how will the public libraries and schools use this much sought-after funding? We hope the focus will rely less on ‘hardware’ and more on ‘software’ – expanding attitudes toward academic success to encompass the enjoyment component of reading and the development of critical thinking, self-awareness and empathy skills that often cannot be tested. As seen from the results of our pre- and post-training evaluation surveys, parent and teacher training is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

We feel incredibly indebted to our long-term donor, Bank of America Merrill Lynch who has entrusted us to launch new and innovative projects to spread the love of reading these past two years: the Bring Me a Bookmobile and the In-School Author and Speaker Program. With support from other donations, we have expanded our volunteer-driven Reading Carnivals that attract hundreds of families at each event, as well as our pre-natal trainings that form a part of our Hospital Project.

There is much more work to be done as we realize scaling is not just about breadth, but also depth. The demand and waitlist for our programs continue to exceed our current resources. With your support - as our beneficiaries, volunteers, staff and donors - we can all make a meaningful contribution to improve the reading culture in Hong Kong.


Our Vision and Mission

Bring Me A Book Hong Kong (BMABHK), a registered non-profit organization, was set up in Hong Kong in 2006, seeded by the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation. We envision a Hong Kong in which every child is read to, strengthening family and community bonds and creating a love of learning.

Our Mission: BMABHK use evidence-based research to provide:

  • Transformational trainings for parents and educators
  • The best Chinese and English children’s books
  • Quality programs to access authors and literacy experts

To enrich the lives of ALL in the Hong Kong community.

We reach out to underserved children and families in Hong Kong to provide Book Bag Libraries, Bookcases and training programs as public resources in nurseries, kindergartens, community centres, shelters, health clinics and in the workplace.


James Chen

Su Lee

OUR BOARD 2016-2018

Annie Ho Ting


Alison Chan

(new Chair since May 2018)

Christina Matula-Hakli

Jacqueline Sun

Jennifer Chen

Michelle Bang

Phyllis Leung

(since May 2017)


Pia Wong

Executive Director

Angela Leung

Program Director

Doris Chan

Program Manager
(since Jan 2018)

Kristal Wong

Program Manager
(resigned in Nov 2018)

Iris Lau

Assistant Program Manager

Yvonne Leung

Program Administrator
(since Dec 2018)

Joyce Choi (Choi EE)

Director of Community Outreach

Corey Chan

Accountant (part-time)


Angie Lin

Joyce Choi (Choi EE)

Julie Fowlkes

Pauline Young

Percie Wong

Yoyo Yau


The Library Program

The Book Bag Library Program is a lending library of quality hardcover children’s English and Chinese language books in easily transportable book bags. Each library contains a total of 220 books for children from infancy to age eleven, in 65 book bags.

The flagship within our Library Program is the Bookcase, each of which holds 45 quality, age-appropriate English and Chinese language picture books for children in a beautiful wood display shelf. From 2016-2018, we installed a total of 13 Book Bag Libraries and 50 Bookcases in the community.

Total No. of Libraries Installed (Accumulated)

List of Book Bag Library Recipients in 2016-2018

List of Bookcases Recipients in 2016-2018

The First Teachers™ Training Program

BMABHK’s award-winning First Teachers™ Training Program enhances our library program by educating parents, social workers and teachers on the critical importance of reading aloud to children. This practical training program teaches easy read aloud strategies to instill a love of reading at home or in the classroom. The curriculum is interactive and uses “modelling the message” techniques to empower and educate parents with young children to become their child’s first (and best) teacher.

In the past two years, BMABHK’s experienced trainers have conducted 324 trainings for almost 6,000 parents. In addition to our local trainers, we invited US-based strategic literacy experts Julie Fowlkes and Diane Frankenstein to Hong Kong to empower parents and teachers to use "conversational reading" and other storytelling techniques to help deepen the child's reading comprehension, communication and critical thinking skills.

Total No. of Parents Trained (Accumulated)


of parents indicated that they would spend more time or increase the frequency of reading aloud to their children after attending our trainings.

Summary of Parent Surveys

Comparison between parents’ feedback before and after our trainings:

Before After Change
I know the read aloud skills 33% 82% up49%
I am confident to read with my children 55% 85% up30%
I know how to overcome the challenges of reading aloud 30% 78% up48%
I know how to nurture my children to love reading 30% 79% up49%
I know how to select books for my children 42% 82% up40%

Feedback from parents after our trainings:

I will spend more time to read with my children 95%
I will apply what I learned from the training to my daily life 97%
I will share the read aloud importance to my friends 97%

Six months after our trainings:


60% of trained parents read with their children three times or more per week


68% of trained parents spent at least 10 minutes to read with their children every day


43% of trained parents visited the public library three times or more per month

Total no. of surveys collected from parents in 2016 - 2018:

Pre-training: 899
Post-training: 801
3 months after training: 444

Volunteer Program

We are extremely grateful to the 2,164 volunteers who have donated over 4,000 hours to BMABHK in the past two years through book wrapping, reading to children, administrative support and preparation for our fundraising events.

Special thanks to all the volunteers from our corporate partners, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Electronic Theatre Controls Asia Limited, Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Mayer Brown JSM, MetLife, MUFG Securities Asia Limited, PAG Asia, Stephenson Harwood, Target, Vistra Hong Kong and WE Communications Hong Kong.

Our Magical Math Carnival fundraiser in March 2018 could not have been a success without our dedicated, long-term volunteers Kathie Allderige and teenage brothers Joshua and Caleb Tillvik. They helped plan and execute the whole event with the support of BMAB staff. By recruiting over twenty student volunteers from both local and international schools to run “Math and Magical Activity Stations”, sell books and raffle tickets, we attracted over 300 guests to participate and raised enough money to fund two bookcases!

Thank You for Making a Difference.


In-School Author and Speaker Program

BMABHK’s “In-School Author and Speaker Program” aims to provide teachers, educators, government officials, parents, social workers and children the opportunity to meet and learn from literacy and language development experts, authors and illustrators with the goal to motivate and inspire a love of reading for the next generation.

In 2016-2018, we invited the following award-winning authors, illustrators and literacy experts to Hong Kong and served 14,600 children and 2,200 adults.

  • Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award winning authors/illustrators: Adeline Ko, Bei Lynn, Cookie and Liao, Liu Bor Leh, Tom Liu, Tsai Chao Lun, Wang Zhi Min, Yu Hong Cheng, Yu Li Qiong
  • Jimmy Liao: Picture Book Author & Illustrator
  • Jon Klassen: Picture Book Author & Illustrator
  • Chris Haughton: Picture Book Author & Illustrator
  • David Wiesner: Picture Book Author & Illustrator
  • David Schwartz: Picture Book Author & Illustrator, Math & Literacy Ambassador
  • Eric Litwin: Picture Book Author & Illustrator
  • Julie Fowlkes: US-based Reading Specialist
  • Diane Frankenstein: US-based Reading Specialist

Feedback from students after the meet-the-author activities:

Strongly Agreed/
The talk was interesting and I enjoyed very much 83%
I would like to read more books after meeting the author 67%
I will try to create book myself after meeting the author 55%
I would like to attend more meet-the-author activities in the future 75%
Total no. of surveys collected from students from Jan 2017 – Apr 2018: 2,315

10th Anniversary Gala Dinner

On May 20, 2016, the HK Convention & Exhibition Hall was transformed into a “Giving Tree” themed event, complete with a pop-up bookshop, celebrity emcee and a magical shadow dance performed by the winners of Asia’s Got Talent.

Six hundred guests attended our 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner and “Giving” was certainly at the heart of the event. Thanks to the incredible efforts of the gala committee - with a special shout out to the Co-chairs Jacqueline Sun and Peggy Yeoh. With the generous donations from hundreds of sponsors, we raised HK$7.6 million in net proceeds, including 50 pledges for library replenishments and trainings.


Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award

The Fifth Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award Ceremony and the Sixth Chinese Picture Book Forum

The Fifth Feng Zikai (FZK) Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award Ceremony and the Sixth Chinese Picture Book Forum were held from September 23-26, 2017 in Hefei, Anhui province, China. Over 400 participants attended the events.

The Chinese Picture Book Forum serves as a platform where professionals from the publishing industry and academia share knowledge, best practices and experience. David Wiesner, an internationally renowned award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books, was invited to share his insights and experience as Guest of Honour.

To celebrate the winning books and to increase readership of Chinese picture books, a series of promotional events were rolled out in Greater China and Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, the FZK award winners met with 6,688 students and 500 teachers were provided with practical tools on how to use Chinese picture books to enhance their students’ proficiency in the language. From March to June 2018, a roving exhibition of the artwork created by the FZK award-winners, was held in 18 primary schools in Beijing, enjoyed by 30,000 students. Renowned picture book critic and FZK Award consultant, Sarah Ko, shared her expertise with teachers to help them incorporate picture books into the primary school curriculum.

In Taiwan, the FZK award winners shared their experience and creative process with more than 200 readers at The Taipei International Book Exhibition.

fzk image

Special Projects

Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Spark the Love of Reading Project 2016 and Hong Kong Reads Campaign 2017

We are deeply thankful to our long-term donor, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BoAML) for their continuous financial and volunteer support since 2012.

In 2016-2017, we installed two Book Bag Libraries and five Bookcases in the community and replenished new books to our five existing Book Bag libraries, serving more than 5,185 children from underprivileged families. We also conducted 50 community trainings to 1,600 parents and the feedback was very positive: 77% of the parents indicated that they learnt how to cultivate their children's interest in reading versus 33% before the training, and 95% said they would spend more time to read with their children at home.

We invited 13 authors and illustrators to Hong Kong in 2017 to give 58 “Meet-the-Author” talks for almost 10,000 students and 800 adults. According to the students’ evaluation forms, 92% strongly agreed/agreed that the talks were interesting and very enjoyable. After the author visits, 85% of the students would like to read more books and 67% would try to create books themselves.

In November 2017, we launched our first ever Bring Me a Bookmobile. The specially designed retro-inspired van was not only visually appealing for the kids, but was also filled with award-winning children's books. The Bring Me a Bookmobile visited a total of 23 schools in just two weeks.

Under the theme "Parade the Love of Reading", we invited five authors to share their stories and inspiration behind creating the books with over 5,330 students in Hong Kong. We also gave away signed copies of the books to selected book-loving children. In addition, we parked the Bring Me a Bookmobile at the renovated Police Maritime Quarters (PMQ) during the weekends to make it accessible for the public to enjoy. Over 250 families joined our storytelling sessions, literacy and art-based games run by BMABHK board, staff and volunteers at PMQ. The Bring Me a Bookmobile was such a success, BMABHK has since been approached by the HK Public Libraries to help them roll out a similar project in the coming years.

In addition to financial aid, BofAML also provide BMABHK with regular volunteer support. In two years, we conducted trainings for their staff in storytelling and this has helped provide an incentive for them to volunteer at a BoAML-funded library every two to four weeks. As such, 444 enthusiastic volunteers have participated in a total of 29 reading sessions serving 1,371 beneficiary children.


Target’s Scaffolding Disadvantaged Children’s English Learning through English Picture Books Project 2016 and Spark the Love of Reading Project 2017

Utilizing funding from US retailer, Target, BMABHK launched a special project to increase the interest in learning English amongst disadvantaged children. In 2016, we partnered with Precious Blood Children’s Village and two local primary schools to conduct 76 after-school English activities (including “Have Fun with English Stories” and “Drama Workshops”) for the children.

The feedback was very positive: 90% of children found the activities very interesting and enjoyable. 84% of children indicated that they would read more English books after participating in the "Have Fun with English stories" activities, while 82% indicated that they were more confident in speaking English after joining the drama workshops. We also donated a total of 335 new, quality children’s books which they enjoyed thoroughly during their leisure time.

We also allocated a portion of Target’s funding in 2017 to install three Book Bag Libraries in needy communities, serving 2,900 children.


Reading Carnivals

In collaboration with BMABHK’s Director of Community Outreach, Choi EE and an “army” of volunteers, we launched our first “Reading Carnival” in March 2017. After the success of the inaugural carnival held in Tai Po, we extended it to four other districts within 13 months: Kowloon Bay, North Point, Tseung Kwan O and Fanling, serving a total of 1,700 families.

The main objective of the Reading Carnival is for it to be a fun day for the whole family to experience the joy of reading and to enhance their children’s creativity. Activities include various fun games and literacy-based activities, such as interactive storytelling in different languages, drama, arts and crafts, culture and music.

Over the past 12 years, BMABHK has built a strong reputation as the leading advocate of family literacy and we were able to leverage our relationships with various partners to maximize the carnival’s effectiveness, both in terms of minimizing cost and manpower: local schools and centers sponsor the venue and help with promotion, volunteers run most of the games and activities while other sponsors provide food and prizes for the event.

Survey results from participants have shown that over 90% of families found the activities very interesting and enjoyable, and 95% would like to participate in our reading carnivals again in the future.

As awareness and momentum for BMABHK’s mission has accelerated after each Reading Carnival, we are thrilled to have received support and interest from various Hong Kong SAR Government departments, including the Education Department Bureau (EDB) and other local district councils to replicate and scale the Reading Carnival model to include more schools and other partners in the future.


Hospital Project

With funding from a generous individual donor, Joyce Liu, BMABHK was able to implement a pilot project to educate expectant parents PRIOR to giving birth, as the research is clear: what happens during the first few years sets the stage for the rest of a child's life. More than 95 percent of a child's brain is formed during this critical period, and a child's experiences irreversibly affect how the brain develops - for better or worse.

Since January 2017, BMABHK partnered with the Community & Patient Resource Department at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. BMABHK has provided antenatal talks and free books for expectant parents to encourage them to use stories and positive reading rituals to deepen the parent-child bond and communication.

In one year at one hospital, we trained over 760 expectant parents and provided them with quality board books to further encourage them to practice a daily reading routine from birth.

To extend BMABHK’s outreach in the local medical community, we also donated 150 baby gift packs (baby onesie and board book) to families of newborns at Queen Mary Hospital in August 2017. Our hope is to scale this project across all hospitals and baby wellness clinics in Hong Kong with the support of the Hospital Authority or other relevant institutions.


Evaluation Summary (no. of forms collected after antenatal talks: 384)


Best Books for Children in English and Chinese

BMABHK’s well-curated guides of recommended children’s books is our most popular resources for parents and teachers. They are often overwhelmed when facing a wide array of available books at libraries and bookstores. Our expertise is in identifying the best books to read aloud with children, from newborn to teens.

BMABHK’s dedicated Chinese and English book guide committees have reviewed thousands of books to provide updated book guides every two years. The committees comprise of literacy specialists, parents and librarians who volunteer their time and expertise to compile these valuable resources.

Since 2014, we have had over 220,000 downloads of our guides from BMABHK website (www.bringmeabook.org.hk) and have distributed 10,000 hard copies to libraries, schools, bookstores, book fairs and events across Hong Kong.

Our new English and Chinese book guides will be published in 2019 and will include the latest titles for parents to read to their children, categorized by age and theme.


Story Sharing

Ms. Angela Choi, Social Worker

Hong Kong Christian Service Cheung Wah Child Care Centre

Our sincere thanks to Bring Me A Book Hong Kong (BMABHK) for setting up a Bookcase at our Centre’s library corner in November 2016. With the generous donation from Mrs. Brenda Ka Yee Tse of quality children’s books, parents were encouraged to read with their children after school at our library corner. There was a significant increase in the number of books borrowed from our library corner, with over 700 books borrowed each year.

The themes of the books resonated particularly well with our special needs children, as the topics included different emotions, family relationships, humour and were interactive. Through reading the books together, the parents were able to improve their child’s attention span, organizational skills, logical thinking and self-initiative. BMABHK also replenished 80 new books to our Bookcase in August 2018.

We have also been conducting the First Teachers™ Training workshops for parents since 2016. We were so moved to see that the training program had enabled our parents to set up a volunteer team themselves. Not only have they been able to help their children develop strong reading habits, they also hold regular meetings to discuss books and share stories in the form of drama for children at our Centre. The parent volunteer team has also designed unique pop-up storybooks with different textures in order to stimulate the children’s five senses.

In addition, parents have visited the public libraries more frequently in order to expand the reading resources for their children. Parents were so grateful for BMABHK’s valuable resources which enabled them to cultivate a positive reading atmosphere at home. Some parents told us that they would bring along books with them and read with their children even when they visit the park. This attracted other children to join in the storytelling fun, deepening the impact of the program into the community.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to BMABHK and Mrs. Tse for their support, especially the book selection which has inspired us a lot! We look forward to our future collaboration to bring positive change for children with special needs through reading.


Mrs. So, Participant of First Teachers Training

Hong Kong Christian Service Cheung Wah Child Care Centre

Mrs. So joined Hong Kong Christian Service Cheung Wah Special Child Care Centre in 2016 when the Centre first became the recipient of Bring Me a Book’s Bookcase, generously donated by Mrs. Brenda Ka Yee Tse. As such, Mrs. So was one of the first batch of parents to receive the First Teachers™ Training at the Centre.

Before joining the First Teachers Training, I felt very frustrated and helpless when teaching my daughter who has ADHD, visual impairment and is also weak in communication. After participating in the training, I realized the importance of parent-child reading. Before that, I knew nothing about picture books or even where the public library was. And now, I know how to choose good books for my daughter, different authors’ styles and how to share stories with her. I carry picture books everywhere for my daughter to read during our free time. Gradually, she has successfully developed a good reading habit. Parent-child reading has also brought significant changes for my daughter – she has made great improvement in her comprehension level, socio-emotional skills, logical thinking and vocabulary understanding.

There was an occasion when my daughter was asked by a stranger on the train what happened to her eyes. She felt sad about her weakness. I comforted her by reading Todd Parr’s “It’s Okay to be Different” and emphasized that every person is unique with different strengths and weaknesses. I strongly believe that picture books are the most precious gifts for children!”

A heartfelt thanks to Bring Me a Book and Mrs. Tse for their support to parents like me - providing me with the chance to understand the importance of parent-child reading and to access quality children’s books.


Miss Hui, Teacher

S.K.H. Kindly Light Church Or Pui Cheung Kindergarten Nursery

Our school first joined Bring Me a Book’s library and First Teachers Training program in 2015. Since then, our students have enjoyed reading more quality picture books from the library generously donated by Deutsche Bank Hong Kong.

Most of our parents are not well-educated so they did not have much confidence to read with their children. However, their confidence increased significantly after joining the training as they were equipped with many new storytelling skills and strategies to engage their children using books. BMAB’s great selection of picture books in the library has attracted 40 per cent more parents and students to join our regular morning reading sessions.

Staff from Deutsche Bank and BMAB’s network also kindly volunteered their time to read with our students regularly. Some of the volunteers were native English speakers which provided more authentic opportunities for our students to practice their English listening, reading and speaking skills. The extended arts and crafts activities also stimulated our students’ creativity and confidence. We were especially thrilled to see such a positive change in the more reluctant readers. We still display some of their lovely home-made books to inspire other students.

We are very grateful to Bring Me a Book Hong Kong for donating more new books to our school in 2018. Our teachers use them frequently to read aloud with the students to enhance their learning and language skills in fun and creative ways.


Miss Tammy Yeung, School Librarian

Man Kiu Association Primary School

Our library became a popular and attractive place for our students since we installed Bring Me a Book’s Book Bag Library two years ago. The quality of the books has enriched our library collection significantly. At the opening ceremony, the volunteer team from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who were also the donor of the library, read the book “The Lorax” with our students. Their lively and interesting storytelling skills made our students love the book so much that they rushed to the library to borrow it afterwards! BMABHK also replenished new books which has attracted more students to visit the library to read books during recess and after school.

Our sincere thanks to BMABHK for bringing overseas renowned authors and illustrators to our school. The visits have broadened our students’ horizons and enhanced their reading interest. The story sharing and fun presentations by Bei Lynn and David Schwartz definitely inspired our students a lot!

In addition to the wonderful library, our school also benefited a lot from the First Teachers Training Program. The interactive workshop enabled both our Chinese and Non-Chinese parents to understand the importance of parent-child reading. It also inspired our teachers to improve their teaching methods. Parents no longer need to look everywhere for good books - they just go to our school library and borrow a “book bag” to bring home and read with their children.

We are so thrilled to see our students enjoy reading whilst also learning so much from the books. For example, the students were exploring the topic “Festivals” and it was clear that they learnt far more effectively from reading interesting picture books than the traditional teaching methods.

Thanks again to Bring Me A Book Hong Kong and Bank of America Merrill Lynch - we hope we can continue working together to promote the love of reading in the community.


Philo Alto

Joined our Family Membership program in 2017

I have known about BMAB’s great work for a number of years now and have been impressed with its growing social impact in the Hong Kong community over time. As parents to a five-year old boy, my wife and I appreciate BMAB’s membership program, well-curated Chinese and English books and its friendly staff offering customized suggestions on age-suitable books that we enjoy reading together! In addition, BMAB also brings in overseas education thought leaders from time to time to help HK stay current on best practices for reading as well as parent-child bonding.


Yeeling Wan


I volunteer with BMAB in two ways: 1) On my own time (such as assisting with their events) 2) Through my employer as corporate sponsor (fund raising, book case donation and reading to the kindergarten where the book case is based, venue sponsorship, etc.) Before I was involved with BMAB, I was uninformed and unaware of the importance of reading with children. Now I am a true convert!


Cherry Au

Volunteer for Bring Me a Book since 2017

It has been a wonderful experience being a volunteer for BMABHK this past year. Their mission and values really match with my belief – to have more parents reading with their children. I think encouraging fathers especially to spend time reading with their child provides a unique opportunity for them to talk about things that matter and to share their thoughts and emotions. BMAB promotes reading to parents at a deeper level. If parents want to build up their children’s reading habits, they should start to read to their babies from birth.

Moreover, I’m impressed with the idea of BMAB bringing people from different areas of society to promote the benefit of reading with children - from kindergarten to secondary school, from local schools to international schools. BMAB also invites businesses to participate in the reading projects. The team at BMAB invest a lot of time and effort on arranging and coordinating the promotion of reading.

I have found so much joy and meaning through supporting BMAB’s team to run reading projects in the community. I have witnessed first-hand the commitment from the entire team to help the children and different groups of families in the community within their limited budget. As a volunteer at BMAB, I have learnt so much and feel that I’m being treated as one of their team members.


Angie’s Mom

joined our Family Membership program in 2018

The first time I learnt about Bring Me A Book Hong Kong was through a volunteer event with my employer Morgan Stanley at their office in Central. I was impressed that there was such a nice place in the centre of the business district where people could enjoy reading. We became Family Members of BMABHK, not only because I’m keen on igniting a love of reading in my children, but also because of all the great work that BMABHK has been doing. Together with my children, we experience wonderful stories, appreciate beautiful paintings, and enjoy the happiness brought by reading. It has been a joyful and memorable journey. Now, I’m so grateful that my two children will pick up the books they like and read on their own from time to time.



Bring Me A Book Hong Kong Limited

Income Statement
For the Year Ended April 30, 2018

2018 2017
Revenue 5,936,792 13,029,438
Other income 1,143 54
TOTAL INCOME 5,937,935 13,029,492
General and administrative expenses (841,373) (860,713)
Fundraising event expenses (274,843) (2,372,885)
Program expenses (7,261,884) (4,920,188)
TOTAL EXPENSES (8,378,100) (8,153,786)
Deficit for the year (2,440,165) 4,875,706

Statement Of Financial Position
At 30 April, 2018

2018 2017
Property, Plant and Equipment 65,158 71,126
Inventories 684,020 631,717
Deposits paid 194,799 156,150
Prepayments 124,452 131,807
Other receivables 58,300 -
Cash and cash equivalent 11,277,972 13,838,363
12,339,543 14,758,037
Accruals and other payables (481,301) (461,783)
Deposits received (31) (3,846)
(481,332) (465,629)
NET CURRENT ASSETS 11,858,211 14,292,408
NET ASSETS 11,923,369 14,363,534
Accumulated funds 11,923,369 14,363,534

Supporters of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the following individuals and organizations for their donations and support in 2016-2018.

Individual Donors

Ada Tse
Adam and Loretta Lazar
Adrian and Jennifer Cheng
Adrienne Hui
Alain Lam
Alan & Laura Isenberg
Alexander Chau
Alison and Alain Lam
Anand Sathe
Andrew Alexander
Andrew and Lily Riddick
Andrew and Sabrina Chiu
Andrew Lau
Angel Young
Annie and Patrick Ting
Axel Schweitzer
Benoit de Mallmann
Betty Tse
Brandon and Jenny Chau
Brian and Tansy Tom
Brian Chan
C.T. Yip
Canute Dalmasse
Carol Cao
Catarina Karlsson
Chan Chi Yan
Chan Kuk Yu
Chan Ling Chi Arthur
Chan Oi Wah
Chan Yuk Leung
Charles Joory
Chelsea Chiara Chau
Chen Chien Hsun
Chen Fan Li Jing, Daisy
Cheung Hoi Sze ida
Chiu Tao
Choi Pui Sze
Chong Sok Un Shirley, MH
Choy Seen Mei Gladys
Christina Lee
Christina Matula Hakli
Christopher Wong
Chu Hoi Che Carolyn
Chu Hon Keung
Cindy Chao
Clarinda Ho
Coco Ma
Connie Stella Chan
Crystal M. Lalime
Dennis Wan
Derek Baram
Diego Rios
Ding Ming Shan
Divya Menon
Dominique Lee
Dong Ping
Dr Benita Perch
Elke Schoeppl-Jost
Elsa Lam
Emi Saito
Emily Ngan
Eva Cheah
Feng Hsiung and Crystal Wang
Fiona and Todd Marin
Fiona Marin
Fiona Wong
Flora Huang
Florence Ng
Frank and Cherry Tang
Franklin Ma
Fumika Barretto
Gabriela Simmons
Goodwin and Yama Gaw
Hans Willem van Hell
Helen Choe
Helene Patel
Ho Amy
Ho Ching In
Ho Ka Man
Ian Campbell
Ian George Hendry
Irene Wat
Jackie Hui
Jacob Sin
Jaime Che
James - Asia Green
James Chen
James Lawrence-Brown
Jane Hui
Jennifer Chan
Jeremy LeFevre
Jo Chan
Joanna Brard
Joey Chung
John and Camilla Lindfors
Jonathan and Alexandra Collins
Jonathan Chu
Joseph Chee and Rebecca Zhang
Joseph Wu
Joy Beaux
Joyce Lee
Joyce Liu
Jukka Hakli
Julie So
Julie Wan
Kang Lili
Karen Chan
Katharine Lai
Kelvin Wu
Ken Kwan
Kenneth Lai
Kevin Hsu
Kitty Chan Yiu Ping
Ko Susan
Krunal Pandya
Kwan, James Phillip
Laetitia Yu
Laila Crane
Lam Oi Yan Ivy
Law Wing Yan Jada
Lea Angelin-Linker
Lee Ying Cheung
Leigh and Stanley Chou
Leung Wai Ying, Phyllis
Leung Yuen Wai Dorothy
Li Oi Sum
Lisa Wong
Liu Edy
Liu Meng Zhu
Liu Xiao Ming
Liza Green
Lo Ching Kwan
Lo Sin Man
Lok Sau Lan
Lorraine Corr Poppleton
Louis Gave
Lu, Ming Ju
Lucy and Frank Marriott
Luk Chi Hung
Mak Ming Chung Roger
Malti Dialdas
Man Sze Poon
Mandy Tsui
Marc and Patricia Zilkha
Margaret Patterson
Marilyn Tam
Mary Anne Choo
Matt Baker
Matthew Chui
Matthew Man
Matti and Tomas Ng-Brett
Maxwell C Leveson
Michael Kwan
Michael Levin
Michele Lai
Michelle and David Tang
Michelle Chan
Milliken Peter
Mok Ni-hung, Benjamin
Nadine Lecocq
Natalie Chiu
Natalie Glanville
Ng Wai Man Natalie
Nina Tam Schweitzer
Paolo and Selina Picazo
Patrick Man Bun Lee
Patrick Yan
Paul Gresham
Peeranut Visetsuth
Peng Sally
Peter Chan and Sandra Ng
Petrina Steains
Philip Hsieh
Philippe Herminjard
Phyllis Alexander
Pierre-Henri Boutot
Pik Shan Lee
Qing Wang
Rainbow Chow
Rajinder Afghan
Raymond Chan
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Raynard Cheng
Resnick MaryAnne Ma Su
Richard Grezl
Richard John WILMOT
Richard Xu
Rita Cheung
Robert and Toland Sherriff
Robert Jones
Sabrina Maguire
Sam Edwards
Sander Hamersma
Saniya Bloomer
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Sarath Nair
Saurabh Upadhyay
Seng Huang and Peggy Lee
Sharie and Nissim Tse
Shirley Chan
Shirley Chong
Shirley Kuan
Shiu Nathalie M
Shum Man Hei Miggie
Siddharth Sharma
Simmy Chung
Sonis Maria
Sophie Kerneis
Stanley and Jacqueline Sun
Stella Lai
Stephen So
Su Lee Chen
Suen Denise
Taizo Smidt-Olsen
Tam Yun Ming Teresa
Tamara Varga
Thomas -- Gc Hall
Thomas Yiu
Tiffany Wang
Tse Ka Yee Brenda
Tsui Kam Hay Henrietta
Tsui Simon
Tung Lai Kwan
Tung Lai Ying
U-Hyeon Kwon
Victoria Law
Vijay Solomon
Vikram Gandhi
Vinnie Lam
Virginia Mak and Evan Auyang
Wing Cheng
Wong King Shui
Wong Lilian
Wong Stella
Wong Wai Man
Wong Yuen Shan
Xiao Jian Hua
Xing Liu
Yan David
Yan Sun
Yang Peter
Yat and Michelle Siu
Yau Suk Chong
Yeeling Wan
Yenn Wong
Yilan Zhao
Yingchuan Wong
Yip Ka Hay
Yuen Hoi Po
Yung Julie
Yvonne K Y Siu
Zhou Lijuan
Zohar Melamed

The Corporate Donors, Foundations and Organizations

AmorePacific Hong Kong Company Limited
Authur Samy Memorial Fund
Banjo Boys' Society
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Capstone Prep Education Center
Centre of Asian Philanthropy And Society Ltd.
Charitable Choice Limited
Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation
Citi Private Bank
Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited
Deutsche Bank Hong Kong
Electronic Theatre Controls Asia Limited
Elephant Community Press Limited
Eta Sigma Delta SHTM HK Chapter
Gerson Lehrman Group (Asia) Limited
Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C.
HK Interclub
HK Ladies Tennis League
Hong Kong Academy
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited
Hong Kong International School
Hyatt International - Asia Pacific, Limited
Jing Mei Automotive Limited
Kawashima &Co., Solicitors
Laing O'Rourke - Hsin Chong - Paul Y. Joint Venture
Macquarie Services (Hong Kong) Limited
Mazarine Asia Pacific
MetLife Foundation
Mighty Oaks Int'l Nursery & Kindergarten Limited
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (HK) Holdings, Limited (MUFG)
Native English Speaking Teachers' Association (NESTA)
Nord Anglia International School
Pacific Alliance Investment Management (HK) Limited
PAG Consulting Limited
Premiere Performances of Hong Kong Limited
Real Music Production Limited
Richemont Asia Pacific Limited
Sai Kung Mini Rugby Club
Simply Giving Pte. Limited
Stephenson Harwood
Sun Ya Publications (HK) Limited
The Bank of East Asia
The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
The Copy Collective Ltd
The International Montessori School
The Society of Publishers in Asia Limited (SOPA)
UK Online Giving Foundation
United Asia Finance Limited
Van Cleef & Arpels
Vistra Hong Kong
WE Communications
WeHealth Limited