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Book Bag Library

A Lending Library of children’s books with take-home book bags and audio recordings

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Book Bag Library
The Book Bag Library is a lending library that is easy to install and maintain. Through this program, families have easy access to a wide selection of the highest quality hardcover children’s books, along with audio recordings to enhance reading skills and language acquisition.

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A ribbon cutting ceremony to open a Book Bag Library donated by Bank of America Merrill Lynch

A ribbon cutting ceremony to open a Book Bag Library donated by Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Book Bag Library Benefits:

School Readiness

Providing resources for parents to develop their children’s pre-literacy skills which will impact future performance in school.

Family Literacy

Creating awareness of the long-lasting value of learning and literacy when parents and childcare providers read to young children from infancy.

Family Values

Encouraging a fun, daily ritual of parents reading to their children – a tradition that can be passed on to future generations.

Family-friendly Workplace

Setting up a Book Bag Library at workplaces can help to create a supportive work-family culture that is positive related to employees’ affective commitment to the employer. By acknowledging and responding to employees’ family responsibility through the library program, the workplace relationships and employees’ family satisfaction can be strengthened.

A Book Bag Library Includes:

  • 5-shelf bookcase
  • 220 books (Book Bag Library)
    – Pictures, few words
    – Pictures, more words
    – Words, few pictures
    – Chapter books
  • Some books with audio recordings
  • Library check in/out system
  • 65 bags (Book Bag Library) with organization/company logo

Dimensions: 71-3/4″ H x 44″ W x 15-3/4″ D

5 easy steps to bring books to your child:

  1. Select a book bag
  2. Check out book bag on customized database
  3. Take home book bag
  4. Share books with the family
  5. Create a daily ritual


Book Bag Library

How to Apply

    • Once I submit the Library Application Form, will I get a Library immediately?

Finding donors to finance Libraries is an ongoing process. We are constantly working to find individual donors, foundations and corporations to fund our programs. Submitting your application is just the first step in letting us know that you’re interested. We’ll let you know when we match your site with a donor.

    • Can I use our own funding or finding a donor ourselves to support a Library?

It would be great if you have funding or donor to support a Library for your site. This will definitely speed up the library installation process. Partial support is welcomed too.

    • What books will be included in my Library? Can I choose them?

All our books are qualiy, hardback children books in Eng and Chinese. They’ll be wrapped before sending out. We take the utmost care in selecting books for each site. We do our best to customize the booklist for each Library, keeping in mind the ages, languages, reading levels and special needs of the children at the site. You usually cannot choose the books yourselves.