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Recommended English Books

As the leading advocate of family literacy and reading aloud in Hong Kong, parents often ask us, “What are the best books to read to my children?” It would be presumptuous for anyone to say that a child will – without fail – love this book or that book. Every child is different and how, when, where and why the story is read affects how a child responds to a story.

There are however, many wonderful stories and illustrations that can stir your child’s imagination, where the language flows naturally and transmits positive messages to the child. Bring Me a Book Hong Kong has compiled two separate booklists to cater to two different:

1)   The Bookcase List is intended to help parents, teachers librarians who are non-native English speakers or new to the field of children’s literature, select the best English children’s books to be read out loud to children.

The books are listed in alphabetical order. Most of the titles in this list can be found in both Bring Me A Book Bookcase and Book Bag libraries. The public libraries and many bookstores in Hong Kong also stock them.

Please refer to our map (on page 18) to find out where your local Book Bag library is located – most of the community centers are free and open to the public and we encourage you to bring your child to visit one and borrow the books.

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2)    Tried and Tasted Booklist is for those book-loving parents, teachers, literary experts who are seeking great read alouds but are already familiar with the ‘classics’ (i.e. those on our bookcase list). All the books have been tested or rather ‘tasted’ (as young children love to chew books!) and include fun, original and beautifully illustrated books.

The books are categorized by theme, not age, as we believe picture books can and should be enjoyed by a broad age range (0-12 years).  Matching a child’s interest to a correlating theme or introducing a new category to a child as they grow and develop can spark new ideas and conversations to strengthen that special bond between reader and child.

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We hope you enjoy your read-aloud journey!


Bring Me a Book™ Hong Kong is extremely grateful for the support and hard work of the book selection committee – a group of dedicated volunteers including board members, literary experts, parents and librarians for their countless hours reviewing and categorizing hundreds of books.

Annie Ho Ting (Chair)  

Annie is the Board Chair of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong. She writes “Between the Lines”, a weekly column in the South China Morning Post on reading with children and book recommendations. She devotes much of her time to promoting family literacy and finds great joy in reading both silently and aloud.

Su Lee Hwei

Su’s quest to find a suitable non-profit organization to promote family literacy in Hong Kong ended when she came across Bring Me A Book Foundation in California In 2006, Su founded Bring Me A Book in Hong Kong.  Su is a mother of three children, who passionately believes in early childhood literacy and who is having a lot of fun putting it into practice.

Sarah Dyer Dana

Following a 15-year career in investment management, Sarah currently works as a philanthropy adviser and helps non-profit organizations with strategic planning and fund raising. She was a co-founder of 100 Women in Hedge Funds and has served on the boards of primary and higher education institutions in the US. She is the mother of a son and daughter, to whom she reads every day.

Julie Fowlkes

With over 40 years experience in early childhood literacy, Julie is a published author and educator. She has a Masters Degree in Reading and a Lifetime Credential as a Reading Specialist. She has worked with the Bring Me a Book Foundation in USA since 2004 and was the New Teacher Advisor for the State of California. She currently consults and spends much of her time reading with her four grandchildren are Mo Willems’ fans.


Alice Wong

Alice is Taiwanese, married to a Chilean Dutch husband, and they have two adorable children; Patricio (5) and Isabella (3). She gave up her high-strung executive life for the exciting challenges of motherhood. She is a firm believer in the magic of reading to children. Patricio & Isabella have been read to from a very young age, and they are both very passionate about books and reading. Alice is also a blog contributor for the BMABHK website.


Jeff Komer

Jeff is the Librarian-Teacher at the Chinese International School.


Pia Wong

Pia is the Executive Director of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong and a passionate proponent of reading aloud. After working for over ten years in the corporate world, Pia found her calling in the non-profit sector with Bring Me a Book. She hopes to spread the love of reading to as many children as possible and laugh out loud with her own two sons every day.


Angela Leung

Angela is the Program Director of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong and the mother of a 2-year-old daughter who is read to every day. She has extensive experience in working with children and parents in local schools and community centres, and passionate to promote family literacy in Hong Kong especially to those of underprivileged backgrounds.