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As the leading advocate for family literacy and reading aloud in Hong Kong, Bring Me A Book™ is often asked by parents, “What are the best books to read to my children? We are pleased to share with you our Chinese and English bookguides to help parents and teachers select the best books for their children – ones that will pique a child’s interest and nurture a life-long love of reading. Both guides are the result of a labour of love by dedicated educational and literacy specialists, parents and librarians who have volunteered their time expertise to compile these valuable resources.

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“The Read Aloud Collection, Vol. 2” (June 2019) is the second edition since 2015 and is a compilation of the best children’s books in English for reading aloud, from birth to teenage years. Reading together is an activity to be enjoyed as soon as children are born, and certainly should not end when they become independent readers.  The collection is divided into three main age groups. In “The First 100 Books”, we have selected quality read-aloud books for babies and toddlers that can be enjoyed over and over. If your child has a particular area of interest, or you have life lessons you wish to impart, then look no further than our thematic guide, “Picture Books to Share”. For older children, we suggest “Chapter Books to Share”, and provide the ISBN for large-format, illustrated, read-aloud versions of these classic and contemporary stories.


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Interested in buying our recommended books? Please use The Book Depository icon below and The Book Depository will donate 5% of book price to Bring Me A Book Hong Kong for all books that you purchase via this web link, even books that are not in our book guides.  In order for BMABHK to receive the 5%, you must use the specific web link embedded in The Book Depository icon.









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A Guide to the Best Chinese Books for Children 2019 is the fifth edition since 2008. The bookguide is categorized by theme and age to match the child’s interest, language ability and developmental needs.  Books that have been honored with the internationally recognized Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award (started by the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation and Bring Me a Book™ Hong Kong in 2009) are also highlighted in the guide.

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