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Partnership Between Two Leading Literacy Charities Bridges Cultural Barriers Through Author Visits

Bring Me a Book Hong Kong (BMABHK), the leading advocate for family literacy is pleased to partner with the Hong Kong International Literary Festival (HKILF)  for the 2021 Young Readers Festival (YRF) Chinese Programme.



Bridging cultural barriers

The comprehensive line-up of high-caliber author events, available to schools online, from 19-30 April 2021, will, for the first time, be available in both Chinese and English. The partnership between two of Hong Kong’s leading literacy charities, bridges cultural barriers and unlocks exciting new opportunities for both local and international students in Hong Kong to access some of the world’s greatest storytellers.

To celebrate ten years of the Young Readers Festival in April we are offering an expanded, flexible programme of events in English and Chinese. We are delighted to launch a new partnership with Bring Me a Book Hong Kong, which will make the programme more accessible to local students by including more Chinese language authors and events,” Catherine Platt, Executive Director, the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.


Highlights include Chinese author Dai Yun, whose Covid-19 inspired fairytale, “Do Not Scroll Around During Chinese New Year”, received more than one billion views to bring comfort and strength to a large number of little readers and their families during these challenging times. Nanjing native, Yu Li-Qiong is the Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book award-winning author of ”A New Year’s Reunion”. Recognized globally for her heart-warming tale of a little girl, Mao Mao, and her relationship with her father, a migrant worker whom she sees once a year, during Chinese New Year.

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“With all the disruption and challenges our students have faced due to school closures this past year, Bring Me a Book is so thrilled to be able to partner with the Young Readers Festival. We are excited to bridge cultural barriers with our Chinese author programme to bring joy and inspiration to more students, on their reading and writing journeys” said Pia Wong, Executive Director, Bring Me A Book Hong Kong.

Celebrating local authors

The YRF and BMABHK are also delighted to introduce students to Hong Kong’s award-winning author and illustrator Shana Cheung. Her new book, “Bub Bub Bub Bub! My Granny” explore themes of perseverance and motivation and has been shortlisted for the 55th Bologna Children’s Book Fair’s Illustrations Exhibition in March 2021.

Another new and rising local talent in the world of children’s literature, is Rachel Ip. Her thoughtful story of war, peace and hope, “The Last Garden”, illustrated by Anneli Bray, captured the hearts of many Hong Kong families when the book was launched at the Hong Kong Central Library in October 2020. Rachel’s book, “The Forgettery”, illustrated by Laura Hughes, is a magical adventure about making and treasuring memories and will be released in April 2021.

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Igniting a love of reading

Since 2016, Bring Me a Book has brought 30 authors and illustrators to schools and public libraries in Hong Kong from the UK, US, China and Taiwan. Sponsored by Bank of America, BMABHK’s “Meet-the-Author” Program has enabled the innovative charity to deliver author talks to more than 100 local schools and community centers, inspiring over 30,000 children. The research has shown that meeting an author, illustrator, literacy expert, storyteller in real life and hearing them convey their passion for their work can fundamentally alter a child’s relationship to books and ignite a life-long love of reading.


“By bringing their stories to life, author visits often motivate previously reluctant readers to pick up a book while also inspiring educators to think about the subject matter more creatively. Feedback from our surveys show that 81% of students found our author visits “interesting” and “enjoyable”, while 70% say it helps motivate them to read more books with 75% asking if they could attend more events like this in the future”, added Pia Wong.


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Established in 2006 by James and Su Chen from The Chen Yet-Sen Foundation, Bring Me a Book™ Hong Kong is the international arm of The Bring Me a Book Foundation – founded by Judy Koch in Palo Alto in 1997 – which sprang from a small lending library in her home garage that Judy created for her employees and their families at RSP Manufacturing.


Bring Me a Book Hong Kong™ (BMABHK) is an award-winning non-profit literacy organization in Hong Kong with a mission to promote reading to our children, provide access to books, strengthen family and community bonds, and encourage a love of learning. We use evidence-based research to provide:

  • Transformational trainings for parents and educators
  • Hand selected and recommended Chinese and English children’s books
  • Quality programs to access authors and literacy experts

Since inception in 2006, BMABHK has installed over 450 libraries, served 180,000 children from low-income communities through our library programs. Our First Teachers Training, for parents and educators, is an award-winning program that has proven to significantly increase ability and confidence in selecting and reading aloud books amongst families.

The Need in Hong Kong:

  • According to a global research study, Hong Kong has the lowest rate of family literacy in the world with only 12% of parents engaging in pre-school literacy activities, less than a third of the international average of 37%.
  • While Primary 4 children in Hong Kong scored highest in reading achievement, the same children also scored LOWEST (out of 43 countries surveyed) in interest to read (21% vs international average 28%), confidence to read (20% vs international average 36%) and motivation to read (52% vs international average 74%).
  • Research shows that access to quality books is fundamental to reading success and that reading aloud to children is critical for school success.

About Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award:

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Bring Me a Book Hong Kong works in close collaboration with our sister organization, Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award, to encourage original and high-quality Chinese children’s picture books. The Biennial Award and Forum was established by The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation, with family members Daisy Chen and the founders of BMABHK – James and Su Chen. Together, we bring the power of our networks and expertise in literacy to promote quality children’s literature and parent-child reading, as well as establishing children’s libraries, to ensure the children of Hong Kong have the best start in life through a love of reading.


About Hong Kong Young Readers Festival:


The Hong Kong Young Readers Festival is a 12-day event that takes place in schools and public spaces around Hong Kong. Bringing together a diverse and dynamic group of local and international writers, illustrators, comic creators, and poets dedicated to the art of telling inspirational stories to kids and young adults, the Festival is a vibrant arm of the fast-growing and world-class Hong Kong International Literary Festival.

Since the YRF’s inception nine years ago, we have worked with over 30,000 primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong. We want to motivate and inspire young people to engage with all aspects of the written word. Sustained reading not only offers children the opportunity to improve their English language skills and vocabulary, it provides a crucial gateway to cultural exchange and exposes young people to diverse topics and current affairs.

We are a not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to bringing the best in the literary arts to Hong Kong. For more information, please visit the LitFest website at