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Julie’s message and testimonials from principals and educators

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Julie Fowlkes

Coming to Hong Kong is always a rewarding experience and this year’s visit was one of the best. I continue to be very impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of Hong Kong parents. You ask such insightful questions, are interested in learning best practices and make such an effort to build reading habits with your families. It is truly an honor to help you love books and share strategies for making read alouds powerful and joyful!!  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, concerns, or success stories. You can reach me at  Hope to see you all next November for more reading adventures.

Ms. Maggie Chan, Principal of Rightmind Kindergarten

“Our Rightmind Kindergarten teachers were excited welcoming Julie from ‘Bring Me a Book’ to our school. We had a fun and very instructive session with Julie. Her presentation was interesting and interactive at all times. Our teachers learned many new tips and tricks to bring storybooks into our student’s life and our lessons. All of her good ideas are now being used in our classrooms. Thank You, Julie, and “Bring Me a Book’. We’re looking forward to welcoming you and your team again soon.”

Madalena Afonso, Head Centre In-charge, Sunshine House International

“Sunshine House Community (both teachers and parents alike) thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which covered on making reading aloud to children engaging and meaningful. Her tips and strategies on encouraging children to love books and for parents to limit their screen times to connect with children using books was a take-away.”

 Annie Leung, Lecturer, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin)

“Julie showed sensitivity to our students by making sure that each and every one had sufficient materials for the workshop. The content of the workshop was relatively appropriate and easily to be understood for our local students. Her presentation was also fairly clear by breaking down the content into key points for easy understanding. Most students were able to grasp the key elements of conducting a storytelling by using “Before, During and After’ strategy. The duration of the workshop was concise to make learning fruitful, fun and engaging for everyone. Overall, I really find Julie’s workshop very useful and helpful.”