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Enjoy new places and adventures through the magical power of books

Ming Po_Happy Mama

Ming Pao – [Happy PaMa 教得樂 Issue 307] – 18 August 2020 Let’s enjoy new places and adventures through the magical power of books! 今個暑假,疫情全球蔓延,莫說出埠旅行,連離開家門都感覺不安,小朋友,是否很懷念以往一家人,開開心心去旅行的日子呢? 有辦法,可以望「書」止渴!來,我們一於乘書飛翔,遨遊天地,在這個不一樣的暑假,展開一場不一樣的精彩旅程。 View Online: (Chinese Only) 遨遊書海:漫遊書本世界 南極歷險高原送書 翻開奇妙旅程  

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Where will your next book take you? – BMABHK’s Summer Reading List 2020


Topick – HKET 香港經濟日報 2020年7月 BMABHK announced thier summer reading list and recommended 80 books for parents and teachers. Even though you may not be able to physically travel this summer, don’t let that stop you and your kids from enjoying new places and adventures through the magical power of books! Click here to view online (Chinese […]

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Interested Podcast – Read Together and Connect: What Is Conversational Reading?


  Do you want to understand more about how to use books for “Conversational Reading”? In this “Read Together and Connect” podcast and video interview with Dona Eder, BMABHK’s Executive Director, Pia Wong, discusses brain development, mental health, favourite books for enhancing a child’s EQ, tips on encouraging teens to read, and the importance of […]

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Bring Me a Book Group was awarded for best practices in Literacy Promotion

Literary-Awards-badge-2019 Best Practice (002)-01-01

Established in 2006 by James and Su Chen from The Chen Yet-Sen Foundation, Bring Me A Book Hong Kong is the international arm of The Bring Me a Book Foundation – founded by Judy Koch in Palo Alto in 1997 – which sprang from a small lending library Judy created for her employees and their families at […]

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Young Budding writers shine at The Standard’s 2019 Student Writing Competition

The Standard _20190916

The Standard 英文虎報 (September 16, 2019) This year, a total of 36 budding writers were recognized at the award ceremony held on August 17 at ZCB in Kowloon Bay. Thank you for inviting BMAB’s Executive Director, Pia Wong as one of  judge for the primary section category and Congratulations to all the finalists and winners of […]

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Dos and Don’ts for Parent-child reading


HK01[親子] – 2019-08-19 HK01 has invited our Program Director, Ms Angela Leung to share the important ideas in Parent-child reading and how to get used of the books to inspire children’s creativity. Click here for full article [Chinese Only]    

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The Importance of Reading

20190709154113_00001 (2)

[South China Morning Post -Good Schools Guide-Kindergartens 2020/21] Developing a Child’s reading skills is hugely important to their future academic success. But what is the best way to go about it? Pia Wong, Executive Director of Bring Me A Book Hong Kong Limited, shares the tips of fostering an interest in reading in your child […]

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EdCityHK’s Talk by Dr. Elizabeth Ka Yee Loh and Alison Chan


Highlights from EdCityHK’s talk between Dr. Elizabeth Ka Yee Loh, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong and Board Chair, Bring Me a Book Hong Kong Alison Chan on April 8, 2019: According to the PIRLS 2016, students tended to gain higher scores on the reading test when they recorded higher in the three […]

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Parent-child Reading

20190325162859_00001 (2)

[Scenario, Issue 63, March 2019] The cover of Scenario is Ms.Alison Chan, our Board Chair and her 2 daughters; the interviewees are our Director of Community Outreach and volunteers. Thanks to HKCSS for providing this platform, promoting parent-child reading! [Chinese only]      

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