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8 May 2021: Webinar for Teachers: ‘Teaching Empathy” by Dr. Borba

Empathy is often sidelined as a “soft skill.” Dr. Borba offers hard evidence that it must become an educational and societal priority. In this game-changing presentation, participants will learn why creating empathetic, compassionate and socially responsible children in a hyper-competitive, plugged-in world is more important than ever. Dr. Borba shares how educators around the globe weave empathy-building practices into existing lessons and help students to develop empathic mindsets in a test-driven culture.

This inspiring keynote, moderated by Professor Kevin Chung, The Education University of Hong Kong, is guaranteed to be informative and filled with practical ways to create positive outcomes by cultivating empathy in your classroom and school.

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YK Pao School Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation established in Hong Kong. The foundation carries on Sir Yue-Kong Pao’s family tradition of giving back to society and focuses on educational philanthropy. It advocates bilingual, bicultural and whole person teaching and learning, and is the sponsor of YK Pao School.

YK Pao School, founded in 2007, is a pathbreaking non-profit school in Shanghai. The school pioneered a unique Year 1-12 Chinese-English immersion programme integrating Chinese and international curriculum and is missioned to nurture the whole person and prepare students to become engaged and responsible global citizens of the 21st century