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2 – 23 Apr 2021: Reading in an Unusual Places Campaign

To celebrate International Children’s Book Day (April 2) and World Book Day (April 23) we have a challenge for you – adults and kids! Can you find 10 Unusual Places to read and raise $1000 to be our Ambassador? If so, follow these simple steps!

Reading in Unusual Places - Eng

Step 1: 

Think of some unusual places and fun books to read them in


Step 2:

Set up your “Reading in Unusual Places” page at (click “Start Fundraising”)
在網頁「Start Fundraising建立您的「在特別的地方閱讀」網站


 Step 3: 

Get sponsorship from your friends and family and direct them to your fundraising page (eg $100 for every book or unusual place)
向您的朋友和家人募捐,並請他們到訪您的籌款網站捐款 (例如為每本圖書或每個地方捐款$100)


Step 4: 

Send us your photos of yourself reading in Unusual Places via Instagram or Facebook Messenger, or email at
透過Instagram Messenger、Facebook Messenger或電子郵件(,將您在特別的地方閱讀的圖片發送給我們


Winners for most unusual place and most amount of money raised will be announced by Bring Me a Book on 24 April at a special event with “How to Help The Pandemic Generation Thrive”.