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Diane Frankenstein’s 3 steps for Conversational Reading

  • The Standard, Smart Parents – Vol. 361
  • By :陳東紅


Diane Frankenstein emphasizes three important points about reading aloud:

1) Read a book

How to motivate your kids to read? Reading aloud is like a game: parents are your child’s partner to play in this game. We should not use storytelling time at home for teaching vocabulary or grammar to kids which may have the adverse effect and turn them to become reluctant readers.

In fact, it is during these precious moments of reading time, parents are able communicate with their children for no purpose, other than to strengthen communication and family bonding. Leading kids to explore the joy in books also helps to create their appetite for reading.

2) Ask a question

How to ask questions during storytelling? What are the best way to respond to your child’s questions?

The questions are more important than the answers since questions express the child’s thoughts. As adults, we should ask specific questions (not abstract like “What is the meaning of the book?). Remember not to ask too many questions as this will interrupt the natural flow of the reading. Children only read for story.

3) Start a conversation

Parents should remember reading is a tool to build their children’s values through communication.

“Reading is a skill, conversational reading is an art”, according to Diane. Developing communication during reading time with your child is critical. Be patient to nurture your kids.