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March 15-18 2017: Book Camps & Master Classes by Diane Frankenstein

Conversational Reading follows a simple equation:

Read a book, Ask a question, Start a conversation


For every parent who has ever wanted to ask their child something beyond “Did you enjoy this book, dear?”

Come learn the art of

Conversational Reading with Diane Frankenstein.

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Book Camp    Master Class

Book Camp

For Parents of 4-8 year olds (Recommended for parents who are NEW to Diane Frankenstein and Conversational Reading)


Books help to jump start conversations that are important to children. In this workshop, you will discover a different conversational experience from the Q&A that make up most conversations – one in which questions get children thinking and speculating, developing their capacity for empathy, compassion and perspective.

Taught this way, reading promotes life-long love of learning and fosters curious, creative adults – crucial qualities for success in today’s world.


 Feedback from 2016 participants:

“Diane has taught me how to start asking the right kinds of questions that lead to meaningful thinking.”

“Our children are never too old for picture books!”


Topics covered include:

        • Introduction to Conversational Reading and Best Practice Methods
        • How to increase language fluency, comprehension and critical thinking skills
        • Strategies to encourage reading for meaning, reflection and self-discovery
        • Age/stage appropriate titles, from picture books, short stories, transition books, longer chapter books
        • Subject Conversations: Gratitude, Overcoming Adversity, Humour, Empathy, Loyalty and Friendship
        • Fostering closeness, understanding and respect between parents and child


*Please note that participants are welcome to join both Book Camp A & B as different titles will be used for each Book Camp, but some of the content will be shared.  The same applies for the two Master Classes.

For those participants seeking to master their conversational reading skills with a diverse range of genres and themes, we encourage them to sign up for 1 Book Camp and 1 Master Class or 2 Master Classes.


Master Class

Parents of 4-10 year olds (Recommended for parents who are ready to move to the next level of Conversational Reading)


Reading habits change as children grow into more complicated chapter books. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to talk about what matters with their child, including conversation starters to explore values, ideas, attitudes and feelings, promoting a close parent child bond shaped by high level communication skills.


Talking about stories teaches children to read deeply, and that gives them the ability to better understand themselves and find their place in the world. Stories are how children try the world on for size, see who they are at a moment in time, and see who they might become.

Through Conversational Reading, you can help your child discover who he is.


Feedback from 2016 participants:

“My ideas about picture books and how they can be read have been totally enlightened by Diane. Her passion, humor, openness and advice not just on reading but parenting, are an inspiration.”   

“She has provided so many practical strategies and techniques to allow our children to express what they think and feel about the books they read more critically.”


Topics covered include:

  • Developing and expanding your skills in Conversational Reading
  • Demonstrations on what makes a successful read using picture books, short stories, chapter books and poetry
  • How to encourage your child how to think and giving them the language to express themselves
  • Subject conversations: Courage, Destiny, Empathy, Innovation, Creativity, Differences, Mistakes, Perception and Humour
  • The winning equation for creating children for read for pleasure and become lifelong lovers of reading
  • Selecting books that speak to your child’s emotional maturity

Book Camp    Master Class


“Conversation is key to literacy. When children engage in a conversation about their thoughts and feelings about a book, their reading experience improves dramatically – and their skills follow.” author Diane Frankenstein



Diane W. Frankenstein


Diane Frankenstein is the award-winning author of Reading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read, holds a Master Degree in Children’s Literature and Language Arts. Since 1989, Diane has worked as an educational consultant in the field of Strategic Literacy throughout the United States as well as in Asia and Europe. Reading Together has received both the Library Journal Starred Review and GOLD Mom’s Choice Award